March 6, 2021

The Pasapalabra team, shocked by the death of Eduardo Gmez

The death last Sunday of actor Eduardo Gmez last Sunday has shocked the entire world of the show. And not only those who for months had been his companions in the filming of series. It was also a hard blow in Pasapalabra, the afternoon format of Telecinco presented by Christian Galvez."Your memory always be with a smile. We will love you always, thank you Eduardo",The program director himself. It was not the only one who remembered this huge professional who repeatedly participated in the famous contest.

In the official account of the program (in which those responsible for this contest come into daily contact with the audience), there were also messages of support for the family and those closest to the actor."Every minute is a miracle and keeping it well in mind helps us to be better. Every time Pasapalabra celebrates something special Eduardo Gmez being by our side, who has left will not change us. Friendship is just that and it is shown with gratitude" ,They affirmed from the official account emphasizing that this was not exactly a good Sunday.

The Pasapalabra format invites four celebrities to compete each week. These guests are divided into two: each of them "works" to help a contestant. They answer questions and, in the case of getting it right, they add seconds that are then "gold" so that the different candidates to get the rosco can answer correctly all the questions that are asked.The role of these celebrities is therefore not negligible at all.

Many of them have come so many times that they are considered almost part of the great family of Pasapalabra.

In this case, actor Eduardo Gmez died at 68. He had been acting as an actor since the 90s, in that decade he got his first roles and his talent meant that since then he would no longer get off the tables of the acting in television series that if they had something in common they were their high levels of audience.That is why thousands of people in recent hours have filled social networks with messages of remembrance that have surely thrilled those who had met the actor.There are many programs and series in which it has left its mark. And that speaks a lot about its value and its relationship with others.

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