October 24, 2020

“The party has not been impartial”

Last September Vox carried out primary processes to resolve the direction of the provincial committees of the party that have more than 500 members, as is the case of Toledo. To run, candidates had to gather the support of at least 10% of the membership. The party proclaimed candidacies in only 7 of the 19 provinces that met the minimum membership requirement, while in the other 12 the only candidate who would have achieved the necessary endorsements was named the winner.

Avalanche of challenges in the Vox primaries: critics see in the process "a full-blown pucherazo"

Avalanche of challenges in the Vox primaries: critics see in the process “a full-blown blow”

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In this way, in Toledo, the presidency fell into the hands of Daniel Arias, who was a candidate for the Board by training and who already took the reins of Vox in the province after failing to get a seat in the regional Parliament last year. According to Vox, he was the only candidate to get the required endorsements in this Castilian-Manchego province. However, he was not the only one who tried to present himself to the process. So did María Isabel Moreno, a former party coordinator in Talavera and a candidate for the Senate in the penultimate general elections.

According to Moreno, the minimum number of guarantees that he would have to achieve in the province of Toledo is 84. “According to they informed us, we had obtained 85 but we are aware that we had obtained more. And they told us that 12 were null,” he explains. on this process in which the guarantees were verified if the affiliate had been in the party for a minimum of “nine months” and was up to date with payment.

In this sense, he asserts that they verified on the web platform where the affiliates could validate their guarantee that “it could not be delivered” if the aforementioned requirements were not met, so he believes that it is “impossible” for those 12 guarantees to be canceled. They prevented him from facing the “official list” of Daniel Arias in the Vox primary process despite the team of “valuable and hard-working” people that he formed.

Claims to the Electoral Committee

For this reason, Moreno asked the Electoral Committee in writing to know why those 12 endorsements were being canceled since in his opinion it is “clear that they are going against their own acts.” “I have asked to know what requirement they have breached and they tell me that they cannot tell me because the database does not collect names,” indicates the affiliate, who reproaches that there has been no “transparency” and that “it was clear that these primaries were focused on laundering to the official candidates “.

In addition to this situation, Moreno also affirms that during the process, when the candidacies had not yet been officially proclaimed -before September 14-, there were organic and elected positions of the party that positioned themselves in favor of any of the candidacies through of messages or publications on their social networks when it is “forbidden” to carry out this type of demonstration outside the electoral campaign period that they established from the 15th.

VoxHabla: come “pucherazo” up to eight provinces

“I have received audios from affiliates who asked me for help saying that they were being coerced to obtain the endorsement,” Moreno also asserts in an interview with this medium, who joined the platform of critics with the party -VoxHabla- to report to the Committee Electoral irregularities that they believe have been committed in this primary process. The woman from Toledo is also accompanied by the signatures of the Valencian Juan García Santandeu; Sayde Chaling Chong, from Barcelona; Manuel Pérez, from Seville; Ignacio Pozo, from Granada; Pascual Mónica Pruneda, from Alicante; Alfonso Galdón and Julio Bueno from Murcia; and Rodolfo Espina, from Asturias.

Among those affected in the eight aforementioned provinces, they prepared a 42-page dossier denouncing in great detail the problems that alternative applicants have had in collecting these guarantees, as collected by eldiario.es, which indicated that “these evidence are 131 documents that are attached to the appeal, with screenshots of networks, videos and audios that would demonstrate the violation and irregularities committed during the process.” “In Vox there is fear and a lot of ‘Stockholm syndrome’,” said Fernando Moya, the spokesman for VoxHabla, to the aforementioned medium.

Moreno, who expected “a coherent and well-founded explanation” after the cancellation of the dozen endorsements that prevented him from presenting his candidacy, points out that the party “sees no evidence to challenge the candidacy” of Daniel Arias despite the appeals presented and the evidence that demonstrate how there were councilors of Vox in the province and other positions of the same that supported the candidate in their social networks when the electoral campaign of the candidates had not started.

He is studying legal actions against a party that “internally, has nothing democratic”

Nor have they obtained a response from the party to the appeal presented from VoxHabla: “We imagine that it will be the silent one for an answer … We consider that no matter how much they tell us that there has not been an audit of the application. We are studying to initiate legal actions since we believe that there has been no transparency. We ask ourselves if it is worth continuing in a party that presumes that it is democratic and that, internally, has nothing to do with democratic “.

Moreno remarks that she has “nothing against” Arias, although “politically her management disagrees” with her criteria, and thinks that she “had the possibility” of having been provincial president of the formation. “” I have had several positions in the province -She was also the general secretary of the two managers that Vox had in Toledo- and since I retired thousands of affiliates have been lost in the province, “he says, while warning that” there are many Vox councilors who in a short period of time time they will cease to be “.

“The modus operandi has been exactly the same -in the rest of the provinces-. It is traced. The great majority thinks the same, they are not satisfied with what is being worked on. To be politicians you have to have knowledge and know how to manage. I think the Discrepancy is growing, this exciting project with which to fight for Spain to which we all join with great enthusiasm is not turning out. We have been very disappointed “, emphasizes the Toledo affiliate about this process of primaries and the management of the organization of Vox.

The date for making the definitive proclamation of the new provincial presidents of the party, once the challenges had been resolved, was this October 4, but, until this Monday, they have not been published on their website or on their social networks . For its part, the party, consulted by this means, remarks that “there are no irregularities” in the primaries held in Toledo and indicate that if Moreno had obtained the guarantees “the electoral process would have been held” between Arias and her.


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