The partners of the Government celebrate the rectification of Junqueras and charge against the "irresponsibility" of the rights

The parties that usually support the progressive government in the votes of the Congress of Deputies have shown their sympathy on Tuesday with the decision of the ERC leader, Oriol Junqueras, to rectify on Monday his position on pardons, supporting them for the first time and renouncing the unilateral way for the independence of Catalonia. At the same time, these groups They have called the attitude of the three rights "irresponsible" of PP, Vox and Ciudadanos, who after the gesture of Junqueras have decided to redouble their battle against pardons by maintaining the concentration on Sunday in the Plaza de Colón in Madrid.

The three rights redouble the pressure against pardons despite the correction of Junqueras

The three rights redouble the pressure against pardons despite the correction of Junqueras

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"I welcome the opening again of a possibility of dialogue and possible opening to find political solutions," acknowledged the PNV spokesman in Congress, Aitor Esteban. "I hope this leads to a situation of dialogue," he insisted. In addition, it has considered that "the Scottish route" proposed by Junqueras, which would imply a referendum agreed between the Government and the Generalitar, "it is always possible that there is political will.

The spokesperson for Compromís in Congress, Joan Baldoví, has called the correction of the ERC leader a "step forward" which, in his opinion, is "in the line of taking steps forward even though they have a political cost for everyone." Baldoví has ​​insisted that the one in Catalonia is a "problem that has to be solved" and that is why he has called it "absolute irresponsibility of the parties that are going to demonstrate on Sunday, which do not provide any solution for the crisis in Catalonia."

Along the same lines, the spokesperson for En Comú Podem, Aina Vidal, has considered that "pardons are not an assignment to anyone" and stressed that it is necessary "a new territorial pact" between Spain and Catalonia that addresses the financing model , contemplate plurinational Spain and promulgate an agreement at the dialogue table. "The pardons are the necessary step for those of us who defend a common country project," he added, before considering the response of the three rights to be "disappointing" with their mobilization against the pardons. "It is a tremendous mistake. The PP would do it again. He wants to repeat the same mistakes of the past," he lamented.

In favor of "dialogue and agreement"

Also Ferran Bel, representative of PDeCat, has assured that "pardons are a relevant gesture" although, "they are not the solution, which should be amnesty." In any case, he has valued "positively" the rectification of Junqueras and has called it "human to accept these pardons." "It is a way to move forward," he added, alluding to the ERC leader's rostrum. Likewise, he stressed that for the solution of the Catalan conflict "more is being done than has been done in recent years".

For Íñigo Errejón, spokesperson for Más País, he has emphasized that "Junqueras's letter has to be taken seriously" because "it goes in the direction of putting a possible political solution on track that has to go exclusively through political channels." In his opinion, the ERC leader has taken "the first steps to start thinking about a possible solution." And he has criticized the parties of the "photo of Columbus", who propose a "proposal of the worse the better" and "hope to get votes with the territorial confrontation.

From EH Bildu, Mertxe Aizpurua has insisted that "the approach" of Junqueras "is not very different from what he himself had been saying" in recent months and has defended "dialogue and agreement" as the only solution for Catalonia.


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