The partners of Andorra approve that Gerard Piqué buy the equipment

The partners of Andorra approve that Gerard Piqué buy the equipment

The extraordinary general meeting of FC Andorra has decided to approve the purchase of the entity by the Kosmos group, owned by Gerard Piqué, player of FC Barcelona.

The approval was unanimous – only one abstention and 206 votes in favor, many of them delegates – in a meeting in which no representative of Kosmos was present.

There are still many steps to be taken at the bureaucratic level but Today he is starting to train the new coaching staff led by the former FC Barcelona player, Gabri García de la Torre and that will have as a second coach, the former goalkeeper of the Blaugrana team, Albert Jorquera.

Kosmos will lead the project through a sports anonymous society protected by the new Sports Law of the Andorran country and that has not yet been published in the BOPA (official bulletin of the Principality of Andorra). When new legislation is published it will take 15 days for it to take effect. Once it is achieved, this sports joint-stock company will be led by the young Andorran businessman, Francesc Destreé. Within this society the majority shares will be held by Kosmos Holding, the company of Gerard Piqué.

The intention, explained during the Extraordinary General Assembly today, will be to provide an annual economic injection of 300,000 euros and also liquidate the debt of the Andorran club that amounts to 313,000 euros and could reach 600,000, since it has two pending cases in the Batllia – Andorran judges.

In addition one of the clauses of the contract provides that the investment group does not take the club to another country and has the maximum number of players in the country.

As well it wants to recover the base -now it is directed by the Andorran Football Federation- and create a second team. The objective of the first team is to ascend to the Third Division.

Deportiva already arrived also two players who already debuted as Ferran Tacón and Rubén Bover, this weekend confirmed the Argentine Fede Bessone and the idea is to get four more players. It is expected that the Andorran company and the Kosmos investment group will hold a press conference after parties to explain in more detail the purpose of this purchase.

"We want a solution for the club and we like it because it is a country project, it will be an Andorran company with different investors and among them is Kosmos," said Francesc Destreé, who will be the head of this new project.


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