The partner of Ayuso's collaborator also charged the businessman charged in the plot

The partner of Ayuso's collaborator also charged the businessman charged in the plot

The corruption case that affects Ana Millán, deputy secretary of the Madrid PP Organization and mayor of Arroyomolinos, has just taken a new turn. The Civil Guard has discovered that not only she and her sister received, under different concepts, from a businessman who received contracts from the Department that Millán directed for eight years, but also that her partner had a business relationship with Vicente Roselló at that time, the businessman accused together with number 3 of Isabel Díaz Ayuso in the Madrid PP in the case that is being followed in a court in Navalcarnero (Madrid).

The judge investigates whether an Ayuso collaborator disguised the bite of a businessman as the payment of rent

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A new report from the Central Operating Unit (UCO), to which has had access, concludes that Juan Pedro Santos Ceballos, Ana Millán's partner for 15 years, received 37,578.04 euros from a Temporary Business Association (UTE ) constituted by two Francisco Vicente Roselló companies, GE Escuelas de Ocio SL and GE Escuelas Urbanas. It should be noted that the latter, GE Escuelas Urbanas, hired a sister of the mayor of Arroyomolinos while the then Councilor for Culture awarded contracts to the Roselló companies.

Ana Millán is accused in this corruption case investigated by the Investigating Court number 6 of Navalcarnero for allegedly disguising a bribe as a rent payment by a businessman who received contracts from his Department. Millán received a total of 44,462.67 euros for this rent, an attic in the center of Arroyomolinos, between January 3, 2008 and July 13, 2012. For their part, four companies from Roselló were awarded, between 2006 and 2011, of more than 660,915.21 euros in contracts from the Department of Youth, directed by Millán.

All these data of the instruction had been revealed by when the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, became president of the Madrid PP on May 20 and elected Ana Millán, very close to her for years, vice-secretary of Organization of the formation, number 3 of the party. To these discoveries is now added that of the payments to Millán's husband, which both she and the businessman Roselló kept silent in her statement as being investigated in court on April 22.

According to the latest official letter from the UCO, Millán's partner, Juan Pedro Santos Ceballos, declared the 37,578.04 euros invoiced to the Roselló UTE for "income from work and economic activities" between 2008 and 2011, in Millán's second term as Councilor for Youth. Santos Ceballos was summoned as a witness this Monday in the Navalcarnero court, but his statement, like others, was suspended due to lack of acknowledgment of receipt.

The summons of Santos Ceballos as a witness occurred as a result of another discovery by the UCO that appears in the reports: Ana Millán's income in the bank made in cash for a value of 52,950 euros between 2008 and 2017. Ana Millán explained to the then judge of the case that it was money that her partner gave her for common expenses and that she deposited it in the bank because she did not like having money at home. Millán explained that her partner brought cash because she is dedicated to the "hospitality" and the "world of the night". The popular accusation carried out by Más Madrid had requested before Monday that the condition of Millán's partner change in the case from witness to defendant.

The sister, also hired

In the new official letter from the UCO, dated June 22, the investigators recover all the links between the accused businessman, Vicente Roselló, and Ana Millán, including the hiring by a company of the first of the mayor's sister. Between 2008 and 2016, two Roselló societies hired Beatriz Millán, a social worker, with a total remuneration of 88,642.42 euros.

The Deputy Secretary of Organization of Ayuso stated in court that she did not influence that hiring and that her sister obtained the position by presenting herself to a selection process as a social worker. The businessman, for his part, told the judge that he was unaware of the hiring when it occurred due to the volume and number of companies he had. It so happens that one of the companies that hired Beatriz Millán Arroyo, GE Escuelas Urbanas, is part of the Roselló joint venture of companies that also hired the mayor's husband.

They all started charging in 2008

Based on all this information, the Civil Guard establishes provisional conclusions. The first of these is that both the mayor herself, Ana Millán, as well as her partner and her sister began to collect from companies in Roselló in the same year, 2008. The second, that once Ana Millán changed her Department, from Youth to Employment , in 2011, the Roselló companies stopped receiving public money from the Arroyomolinos City Council. And that that year, 2011, is the same in which Millán's partner stops charging from the Roselló joint venture. For the alleged camouflaged rent, Millán would be charging a few more months, until 2012, they add.

The mayor explained to the judge that she was charging from Neverland, Roselló's company, approximately double the market price of the penthouse because the businessman wanted to sign a rental contract with the right to purchase, which he ultimately did not exercise. Judge José Luis García Marifl has recently been replaced in the court by its head, Lidia Prada Zurdo.

From there, the civil guards want to continue delving into the relationship between the companies of Vicente Roselló and the Arroyomolinos City Council, specifically the joint venture formed by GE Escuela de Ocio and GE Escuelas Urbanas. For this reason, they ask the magistrate to claim from the Tax Agency all the information that can be used to find a connection between the municipal administration and the Roselló joint venture that hired the mayor's husband.

A life in politics, in the PP and close to Ayuso

Ana Millán has spent almost her entire adult life in professional politics. Already in 2003, at the age of 26, she was a councilor of Arroyomolinos, precisely from the Department under suspicion, Youth, Women, Children and Citizen Participation. She repeated the position in the following legislature, for which she held the chair until 2011. In that year she changed to Employment, Training, Industry and Commerce, where she spent another four years, until 2014. When the PP lost the council, she was hired as an advisor of the Community of Madrid until returning as mayor in 2020.

Millán always combined his activity in municipal politics with that of the party, coming to replace Isabel Díaz Ayuso at the head of the Secretary of Communication when she was elected candidate for the Presidency of the Community of Madrid in 2019. Knowing his accusation, Ayuso did not He saved on photographs with Ana Millán until he named her in May number 3 of the match in Madrid.

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