September 28, 2020

The parties will have the 3D reconstruction of the crimes of Igor the Russian

The holder of the Court of Instruction number 2 of Teruel must deliver to accusations and defense a DVD with the 3D infographic reconstruction of the three murders allegedly committed by the Serbian criminal Norbert Feher, Igor the Russian, those of two civil guards and a farmer next to a rural house in the Turolense town of Andorra in December 2017.

The decision, to which Efe has had access, has been adopted by the Teruel Hearing in response to an appeal by the Prosecutor and the rest of the charges against an order of the judge of October last year that denied the practice of different tests at the end of the instruction.

The magistrates of the Teruel Hearing partially admit in their car the appeal of the accusations and estimate only the request for delivery of the DVD to the parties and the coroner.

Deny, among others, a new take of declaration to the defendant when considering it not necessary or relevant for “repetitive”, nor the transcription requested by the prosecutor of the statement made by Feher in the instruction, understanding that the Criminal Procedure Law does not allow This “exceptionality.”

Jorge Piedrafita, lawyer of the Spanish Civil Guard Association (AEGC) on behalf of the daughter and widow of the agent Víctor Romero, has assessed, in statements to Efe, the partial estimate of a resource that “corrects” the decision of the instructor not to deliver the DVD with the reconstruction of the facts.

According to this lawyer, this decision will allow the parties to have all the information and nuances to formulate the accusatory qualification, in which they will request the reviewable permanent prison.

After the delivery of the DVD, and in the event that no other evidence is requested, the parties will formulate their statements of accusation and defense, before being summoned to a hearing in Teruel prior to sending the case to the Hearing for prosecution. .

The report that accompanies the reconstruction, to which Efe had access, reconstructs two scenarios, that of the crime of the farmer José Luis Iranzo and that of the murders of the guards Víctor Romero and Víctor Caballero, the three carried out on December 14, 2017 by Feher after fleeing Italy for three other crimes.

Specifically, there is a reconstruction of the interior of the mass, from where Feher shot Iranzo, and the outside area where the agents parked his vehicle, next to which they were killed shortly after leaving inside.

The specialists rely on the various expert reports contributed to the cause, both those referring to autopsy and ballistics, to offer various hypotheses of crimes, with brief animations in three dimensions that include virtual models of the murderer and his victims .

Recreations confirm that Iranzo was shot twice from inside the mass, when he was about to enter, and that the agents were caught in the back and killed after receiving the multiple shots fired by Feher with the two guns he wielded, one in each hand .

The report determines that after receiving the first impacts, with no capacity to respond to the attack, the agents were auctioned off by the Serbian criminal when they were lying on the ground.

In their conclusions, criminal experts consider that in the dynamics of the shots fired at the agents, who received at least 14 shots, an “excessive use” of firearms by Feher is evident.


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