The parties will demand the Government to inject 500 million to the dependency if there are no Budgets | Society

All parliamentary groups in Congress, with the exception of the PP, have agreed on Friday to demand that the government reverse the dependence cuts since 2012, well through budgets or through a royal decree. When 12 years have passed since the approval of the law, they have ratified the State Pact for Dependency, signed two years ago at the request of the Association of Directors and Managers of Social Services -experts in the sector-, and have agreed that, in case there is not enough support to give green light to the public accounts in January, a non-law proposal will be registered in the Chamber to urge the Executive to approve by decree a budget increase of 500 million euros. In addition, they have agreed on the need for this amount to be truly finalist.

"The accumulated cuts represent more than 5,000 million that have stopped investing. This causes terrible suffering to people who are on the waiting list and, above all, to those who die without receiving the benefit to which they were entitled, "said José Manuel Ramírez, president of the association. 40,000 people died in 2016 in this situation. "We estimate that, if funding is not increased, 30,000 people may die in 2019 while they wait for their aid." As of October 31, 1.29 million people had been recognized as Of these, 269,000 are on the waiting list, 107,000 with severe or severe dependence.

"We present a proposal in the form of a proposal not a law so that, if the budgets are not approved in January, the Government will approve by decree sufficient funding for the situation of urgent need for dependent persons," said Ramírez. In order for the proposal to be processed in the Chamber, a political group must register it. The parties have agreed to wait until January.

The groups have agreed to push for a pact between the General State Administration and the autonomous communities so that during the year 2019 the neglect of the severe and serious dependents will end, in order to ensure that the list of Wait does not exceed 10% in any region at the end of the year.

The groups have not only agreed to demand an increase in the item destined for dependence, but this increase is included in the minimum level item, the truly finalist, addressed to each dependent according to its severity. In the budget agreement adopted by the PSOE and Podemos last October are collected 132 million for this chapter and another 383 for the so-called agreed level, amount that is delivered to the autonomies and that does not have to reach directly to the dependents, since it can be used, for example, to staff.

This Friday, the spokeswoman of Unidos Podemos in this matter, Ana Marcello, explained that the Ministry of Finance is studying how to apply the agreed budget increase of 515 million euros, only at the minimum level.

Elvira Ramón, socialist spokesman in dependence, has signed the agreement this Friday. "Now that we are in the Government, we are coherent and have the responsibility to carry it out," he said. He recalled that there is a heading in the budgets and said that "they will continue working to be able to approve" the public accounts.

"Today we are doing something as revolutionary as demanding that the law be obeyed," the spokeswoman for Unidos Podemos said. Marcello has called for an increase in funding, which will also create jobs, and a reordering of the care system, "not only of people in situations of dependency".

"We have to be able to reverse the cuts," said Alberto Reyero, deputy of Citizens in the Assembly of Madrid, who has been "a bit skeptical" regarding the approval of budgets. Both from Compromís and from Nueva Canarias they have also shown themselves in favor of the non-law proposal proposed by the Association of Directors and Managers of Social Services. "There is no other issue that generates as much consensus among the political groups as the attention to dependence All the parties, except the PP, support the State pact, specifically the first point, that of the increase in financing. Government that this is translated into something tangible, "he concluded.


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