Fri. Apr 26th, 2019

The parties suspend the posting of posters in Tarragona

Los partidos suspenden la pegada de carteles en Tarragona

Tarragona will live tonight atypical and sad start of campaign. The parties have shown solidarity with the friends and family of the socialist councilor Ana Santos who has passed away this Wednesday and has suspended the traditional posting of posters as a sign of solidarity and support.

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The mayor, Josep Fèlix Ballesteros (PSC) decreed two days of mourning by death of Santos, a tragic news that transcended yesterday while the municipal plenary was held. The socialist party has not come to summon the stuck with posters, that the first night of the campaign brings together the bulk of candidates in the Rambla Nova from the city.


Junts per Tarragona, ERC and PP have joined the duel in this campaign start

During this afternoon, other parties have desconvocado the activities that they had planned. Junts per Tarragona has reported that "for respect we have considered opportune cancel this act and others that were programmed. " ERC has also joined the duel suspending the punch, as the PP, which instead of the Rambla Nova had planned start the campaign in the Verdaguer square.

The local grouping of the socialist party has grateful through the networks, the decision of the rest of the parties join the duel.

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