The parties demand explanations from the Government and recover the money

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Podemos, a member of the Pact of the Flowers, points out that Justice must hold accountable "anyone who has committed irregularities"

B. Hernandez

B. HERNANDEZ Las Palmas Gran Canaria

More thorough explanations and get your money back. After learning that the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office has filed a complaint against the
Canary Health Service (SCS) and the company
RR7 in the framework of
case Masksthe
parliamentary groups demanded yesterday
Canary Islands Government to go to the Chamber to answer all the open questions regarding this contract.

Above all, they demand that the Executive initiate the necessary actions to return to the public coffers the
four millions paid for the medical supplies that did not arrive.

Both the opposition and the groups that support the
Pact of the Flowers They stated that Justice should be allowed to work and their respect for
presumption of innocence of
director ofCanary Health Service, Conrado Domínguezand the
General Director of Economic Resources of this organization, Ana María Pérezbut described as "very serious" the accusations made by the
prosecutor Javier Rodenas.


In this case, the deputy of
Canarian Coalition, José Alberto Díaz Estébanez, assures that there are "legal and political responsibilities" in this case and maintains that the "novelty", after months in which the Government has not given satisfactory reasons, is the accusation of influence peddling that, in his opinion, "inevitably entails the
necessary collaboration».

He too
People's Party it requires explanations “at the highest level”. According to your parliamentarian
Fernando Teachit must be the President of the Government "who shows his face, because until now he has been hidden" and explains "why a company that has defrauded you is given a second chance."

Also consider the representative of the
Mixed Group, Vidina Espinothat both Ángel Víctor Torres and the Minister of Health, Blas Trujillo, must report what happened to Parliament and before the end of the current session.

As for the groups that support the Government, the
NC spokesman, Luis Camposhis position is to let the Justice work and ask the Government for maximum collaboration, although he points out that «
it would have been appropriate to give the information in advance or even go to the Prosecutor's Office.

Can instead she was tougher and «
don't put your hand in the fire for anyone». Their
general coordinator in the Canary Islands, Laura Fuentes, he recalled that the appointment of Domínguez as head of the SCS "displeased us." Regarding the Mascarillas case, he points out that "the solution passes through the hands of Justice and anyone who has committed irregularities must be held accountable."

investigation commission

The different
political groups with a presence in the regional Chamber are willing to request the constitution of a
parliamentary inquiry committee “if necessary”, but at the same time they doubt its effectiveness in the Masks case.

Canarian Coalition, says the deputy Díaz Estébanez, "first they have asked for explanations and, if they do not convince us, the time will come to ask for resignations." Nor does he rule out the investigation commission, although he adds that
«If the pact applies the 'roller', it will not do any good».

Also given the seriousness of the accusations and the lack of answers offered by the Government, the Popular Group is considering the option of a parliamentary investigation, indicates Fernando Enseñat.

For his part, Luis Campos, the spokesman for Nueva Canarias, is not in favor of this initiative because "if a matter is prosecuted,
Justice must be allowed to work." In addition, in his opinion, these commissions "do not usually help much and that ultimately generates frustration."

"Cessation demand"

On the other hand, the
Association for the Defense of Public Health of the Canary Islands (ADSPC) has qualified as
"serious news" the complaint filed by the Anticorruption Prosecutor and considers that
“the requirement” of cessation must be imposed of political leaders, such as the director of the Canary Islands Health Service, the Minister of Health and the president of the Canary Islands.

The association, in a statement, has indicated that with this complaint the judicial route is opened against the possible
criminal responsibilities "that the Government of the Canary Islands has scandalously omitted".

Group evaluation

Nayra Aleman (PSOE)

"Torres has not hidden"

The PSOE spokeswoman, Nayra Alemán, has defended that Torres has already given explanations about the mask case and "has not hidden at all", for which she wondered "what else does the opposition want".

Jose A. Diaz Estebanez (CC)

“Influence peddling entails necessary collaboration”

The nationalist deputy emphasizes the "novelty" presented by the Anti-corruption complaint, influence peddling, which in his opinion means "inevitably, that there was necessary collaboration"

Fernando Enseñat (PP)

“It must be the president who gives explanations”

For the popular ones, it should be Ángel Víctor Torres who offers explanations and details what measures he is going to adopt after learning about “so serious” accusations. Until now, says Enseñat, he "has been hidden."

Luis Campos (NC)

“The Government should have given information ahead of time”

The leader of NC advocates letting the Justice work and that the Government offer all the collaboration. Even so, he considers that "it would have been appropriate if he had given all the information in advance, including going to the Prosecutor's Office."

Laura Fuentes (We Can)

"We do not put our hand in the fire for anyone"

The coordinator of the training maintains the presumption of innocence but points out that "she does not put her hand in the fire for anyone." Justice, she affirms, must hold accountable anyone who has committed irregularities.

Casimiro Curbelo (ASG)

“The decisions were adjusted to the law”

The leader of ASG is "convinced" that the director of the SCS, Conrado Domínguez, made the decisions regarding this matter in accordance with the law, although he has asked that justice be allowed to work.

Vidina Espino (Mixed Group)

“The priority is to recover the money from the canaries”

The parliamentarian of the Mixed Group trusts the Justice to clarify what happened and determine if there is "irregularity or crime." She demands that the Government do "everything possible to recover the money from the canaries."

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