The parties debate on scientific policy | Science

The parties debate on scientific policy | Science

Live signal of the event.

The National Center for Oncological Research (CNIO) hosts the meeting on Thursday 100xScience.3, directed to highlight the importance of scientific education, citizen science and the participation of society in science.

Given the current political context of science, this meeting represents an opportunity to discuss the most important aspects of the challenges and advantages of open science. This, with the presence of representatives of all the actors involved in building bridges between science and society.

This morning the round table was held on the media as a channel for science, on the best ways to achieve an impact on society, and vice versa, and to understand the needs of both scientists and citizens. Patricia Fernández de Lis (responsible for Matter, the science section of EL PAÍS), Pampa García Molina (Agencia SINC), Antonio Martínez Ron (Naukas) and Mónica Salomone (scientific disseminator)

This afternoon, the debate, moderated by the journalist of Matter Nuño Domínguez, is about scientists and scientific policy. This round table is composed by María Rosa Martínez Rodríguez (Podemos), María González Veracruz (PSOE), Juan Bravo (PP), Susana Solís (Citizens) and Ferrán Bel (Pdcat).


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