April 15, 2021

The partial intervention to the SGAE is confirmed

The partial intervention to the SGAE is confirmed

José Guirao, Minister of Culture, confirmed after the Council of Ministers held today partial intervention to the SGAE (General Society of Authors and Publishers) to deal with "the change in the statutes of the institution in order to adapt them to the law"" I calculate that throughout the next week or the beginning of the other week I will send the letter to the judge with the request, "explained the politician.

In addition, he also clarified that they were going to "review the criteria for the distribution of money collected by the entity between the various colleges that make it up and the Enabling an electronic voting system so that its thousands of partners, most of whom do not live in Madrid, can vote ", according to EFE.

The minister clarified that "they were not going to ask for total intervention, but only on those points that are not met. "The petition would be" ending "and would arrive" over the next week or the next ".

The option that the Ministry was considering at the beginning was the withdrawal of license. A week ago, Guirao explained it in the Cervantes Institute: "The most normal thing would be to request the intervention for specific problems to the judge, but you can extend the effectiveness of this measure because having to go through the courts we could go to a year. Then there is another one that we like less, which is to remove the license more immediately, but which is more traumatic, "reports Europa Press.


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