Mon. Feb 24th, 2020

The parody of Aznar, Aguirre and Rajoy emulating ‘The paper house’

The humor show
Late Motiv
presented by Andreu Good source in # 0 has released a version of the famous Spanish series
The paper house.
And is that José María Aznar, Hope Aguirre, Pablo Casado, Mariano RajoyIsabel Díaz Ayuso or Rodrigo Rato, among others, are responsible for versioning popular fiction and each of them has a different name from the original, as in the series.

Once again, the program pulls irony to put on the table the role that the politicians of the main parties are playing in the last hours. Hence the creation of this fun
which leads by title,
The house of the PP
. A video that has become a viral phenomenon in social networks.

'Late Motiv' parody of Aznar, Aguirre and Casado in the style of 'La casa de papel'

For those who are not aware of Spanish fiction that has achieved so many successes both inside and outside our country,
Paper house tells the story of a gang of robbers who wants to steal the National Mint and Ring Factory and
perpetrate the robbery of the century. Each member has a code country name, except the so-called Professor who is the thinking head and who brings them all together.

Moving this story to the parody of Late Motiv, the Buenafuente team has created The house of the PP in which for example, José María Aznar would be The Professor; Pablo Casado would be Aravaca, population where a four-day “Harvard graduate” was taken out.

Rajoy, Maroto and Ayuso in 'La casa del PP', a parody of 'Late Motiv

Rajoy, Maroto and Ayuso in 'La casa del PP', a parody of 'Late Motiv "" about' La casa de papel '

Esperanza Aguirre is Genoa, not only because it is the Italian city, but because the headquarters of the Popular Party are located on that street in Madrid. Javier Maroto, meanwhile, is called Sotasalbos, a Segovian municipality where he registered to be a senator. Isabel Díaz Ayuso (Madrid), José Manuel Soria (Soria), Mariano Rajoy (Pontevedra) Y Rodrigo Rato and Luis Bárcenas, Alcalá and Meco respectively.

The mission of La casa del PP is to hit the Congress of Deputies. “Think that every day the news will be talking about us. That every family in this country will be wondering what we are doing. And you know what they are going to think? They will think: ‘What bastards. I wish it had occurred to me. " A few words from The Professor in the mouth of Aznar that suggests how this unusual story will happen.

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