April 23, 2021

“The parliamentary monarchy is part of the constitutional pact. And we are loyal, from start to finish”

“The parliamentary monarchy is an element of that pact, not the whole pact. The whole pact is the Constitution and cannot be chopped up and selected on a whim. We are loyal to the Constitution, to all of it, from beginning to end. And we will defend it to the hard ones and the mature ones. ” This is how Pedro Sánchez explains to the PSOE bases the defense that the socialist part of the Government has made of the departure from Spain of Juan Carlos I as a solution to the judicial problems surrounding the king emeritus and to try to safeguard the current head of state.

Pedro Sánchez stops United We can aspirations for a referendum on the monarchy

Pedro Sánchez stops the aspirations of Unidas Podemos for a referendum on the monarchy

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In a letter to the militancy at the beginning of his summer vacation, the PSOE general secretary assures that Spain needs “robust institutions” and “endowed with the strength that comes from exemplary”. “Therefore,” he says, “before the news about alleged reprehensible conduct by the former head of state, our response has been clear.”

Sánchez repeats an idea that he already launched last Tuesday, at the press conference after the last Council of Ministers of the political course. “No one can escape the transparency of the media, or the action of the courts,” says the letter, which insists that “irregular conduct commits the person responsible, not the institution” and that “Institutions are not judged, people are judged

The PSOE general secretary makes a fiery defense of the 1978 constitutional pact, which he considers to be fully in force and with which his party, he says, is “fully committed in all its terms and extremes”. “The worst mistake we can make is to give conservatives the exclusivity of the constitutional legacy,” says the Prime Minister, who notes that the “Constitution protects broad social rights that we invoke and that we want to extend and make effective. And it recognizes and protects the territorial plurality of the nationalities and regions that make up Spain “.

For this reason, he concludes: “The parliamentary monarchy is an element of that pact, not the whole pact. The whole pact is the Constitution and it cannot be broken up and selected on a whim. We are loyal to the Constitution; to everything, from beginning to end. And we will defend it to the hard and the mature “.

In the letter, Sánchez also defends the management that the coalition government has taken of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus and of the economic and social crisis that it has caused. “The progressive coalition government went out of their way to save lives, also to save jobs and to save companies,” he says. “We deployed a social shield to protect the most vulnerable, we protected the self-employed with help, we assisted the workers. And, before and also in the midst of the commotion, we were still able to agree and approve historical social advances such as the Minimum Vital Income , the increase in the minimum wage or the increase in scholarships, “he points out.

For the socialist leader, the time for recovery has come. “Once we leave behind the months of resistance and confinement, we begin the revival that is already beginning to be reflected in the figures for employment and economic activity, and we have before us the colossal task of rebuilding our economy, the recovery,” he says. in the letter.

For this, Sánchez calls for the unity of all the parties, “the same that we wove from the balconies during the confinement; the same that we reached different and still opposing governments in the great European agreement. And the socialists will work to achieve that unity with all the political forces willing to pitch in to approve the recovery budgets “, he concludes.

Jaume Asens: “Sánchez has acted as president of the bipartisanship”

The president of the United We Can group in Congress, Jaume Asens, has responded to Sánchez’s letter in an interview on RNE. Asens, member of the executive of Podemos and head of the En Comú Podem headliner in the last elections, has defended the “legitimacy” of the criticisms that have been launched from the confederal group and from the ministries that United We occupies against the decision to promote the departure of Juan Carlos of Bourbon of the country. “They have not informed us,” Asens lamented.

“The king must explain himself,” he claimed. “The response of the Head of State sounded not transparent. More than informing, it was intended to hide information. It is a joke, the facts are very serious. People expect Felipe VI to report on the whereabouts and living conditions of his father “, has held. Asens has assured that, like other State institutions, such as the Ombudsman or the Attorney General, the king should “appear before the Cortes, where the seat of popular sovereignty resides.” After all, he has defended, Spain is a “parliamentary monarchy”.

The leader of Unidos Podemos has argued that his training does not feel “linked” to the decision taken by the Royal House in collaboration with the socialist part of the Government. “We will take the appropriate decisions to find out what has happened,” he promised, adding that “to be loyal is not to impede investigation commissions, to ask for transparency and accountability.” For this reason, he said, it is necessary “to demonstrate that nobody is above the law”, which involves “allowing investigations in courts and in Congress” of the events that affect the Royal House or members of the Royal Family.

“The constitutional pact must be reviewed,” said the deputy, who has accused the head of state of breaking it. “The citizenship has not broken it,” he assured. “The moment is very delicate, families and working people are required to make great sacrifices, behaviors that offend citizens cannot be tolerated. Now we must work to rebuild the pact, which has broken,” he said.

Asens has criticized the absence of information by the Prime Minister. “” You must explain to the citizens. Sánchez must be more exhaustive with the explanations. He does not answer many of the questions, we must break against the opacity that surrounds the figure of the Head of State, “he said.

In the opinion of the leader of Podemos, Sánchez “has acted as president of the PSOE, bipartisanship or the ’78 regime. Not as a president of a coalition government.


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