Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

The Parliament will vote on Thursday if it asks Torra a question of confidence or elections

The Parliament will vote on Thursday if it asks Torra a question of confidence or elections

The plenary session of the Parliament that will be held this Wednesday and Thursday will vote a motion of the PSC-Units that asks the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, to "immediately" submit to a question of confidence or call elections.

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The initiative calls for the Parliament to note the "inoperability of the Government of the Generalitat, the lack of budgets for the year 2019 and the loss of the parliamentary majority", and for these reasons claims that Torra presents a question of confidence or advance elections.

The deputy spokesman of the PSC, Ferran Pedret, has entrusted this Tuesday in a press conference that the motion go ahead, since he considers that there is a parliamentary majority that agrees that the Government "has exhausted his project", so he believes that all opposition groups should vote in favor.

The comuns have already announced that they will vote in favor, but Cs deputy Lorena Roldán has not revealed if they will support the motion, and explained that amendments are still being negotiated with JxCat and ERC, and that they will decide after seeing "how is the text "

For its part, the CUP has not yet decided their vote, although they share that the legislature of Torra "is exhausted" and is in favor of an electoral advance, but they see the PSC motion as opportunistic, while the PP has not revealed that will vote, so the question remains as to whether the socialist proposal will prosper.

This motion will be voted on Thursday, as the other motions presented by the groups, among which stand out one of the CUP that claims to reduce by 14% the salary of senior officials and deputies, and other communes that seeks to create a commission of research on sexual abuse of minors in religious educational spaces.


The plenary session will begin at 10.00 with the control session to the Govern and the President of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, and later, the Chief Executive will appear to explain the changes in the composition of the Government after the departure of Elsa Artadi and Laura Borràs .

Torra will inform the plenary of the appointment of Meritxell Budó as consellera of the Presidency and spokesman of the Executive, and Mariàngela Vilallonga in Culture, who will participate in their first plenary session since they took office.


The agenda also includes the debate and vote to validate or reject a decree law of the Govern that will allow the statutory professionals of the Institut Català de la Salut (ICS) recover this year 75% of the productivity complement.

Likewise, the debate will be held on the totality of the proposal of law of the communes so that there is a public, universal and free dentist service in Catalonia, and the groups will make interpellations to the consellers.

In addition, on Wednesday afternoon will appear the director of the Antifrade Office of Catalonia (OAC), Miguel Angel Gimeno, to take stock of the ten years of the creation of the office.


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