Fri. Jan 24th, 2020

The Parliament refuses to urge the Government to rule out the promotion and justification of strikes

Nor has a point of the same motion prospered to ask the Government that its president, Quim Torra, make a public and institutional declaration "of rejection of boycott campaigns to Catalan companies and economic agents to whom certain organizations have hung the label. of disaffection of the regime ", with the same votes but the abstention of the commons.

Cs also raised other proposals rejected by the plenary, such as building trust in economic agents guaranteeing legal certainty from the respect of the "constitutional, statutory and European framework", and commissioning an external audit on the cost and effectiveness of the administration structure, as well as create a commission to detect duplicities.

Yes, it has prospered to ask the Government to present some Budgets that increase the funds destined to health, education and social welfare; Prepare a proposal in six months to improve the efficiency of the administration, and submit for evaluation the effectiveness of own taxes, among other proposals.


The deputy of Cs José María Cano has accused the Government of generating legal insecurity and has asked to seek stability, something to which Lorena Roldán (Cs) committed in the motion of censure on Monday, which was rejected, and has insisted on its criticisms of the PSC for having abstained: "They demonstrated that they want to remain part of the problem."

From the PSC-Units, Alícia Romero has criticized that, despite being a motion on economy, Cano has not calculated that the motion of censure would not have prospered even if the Socialists had supported it, "because Monday's numbers did not give", to as they do not give to increase social spending by eliminating taxes, as he says he wants Cs.

The deputy of the commons David Cid has agreed that the numbers of Cs do not add up, something that also highlighted in his speech the 'cupaire' Maria Sirvent, who has accused Cs of being part of a "state operation" against the right of self-determination, because it shakes the regime of 78, according to her.

Raquel Sans (ERC) has ensured that only with a State of its own, a fair welfare state can be guaranteed, and Jordi Munell (JxCat) has said that Cs asks the Government to behave as an executive with full capabilities but at the same time wants to centralize competences, after which Santi Rodríguez (PP) has warned that the statements of the Government "do not contribute anything to guarantee legal certainty".

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