April 11, 2021

The Parliament of the Canary Islands calls for the cessation or resignation of public positions that skip the vaccination protocol

The counselor Susana Machín

The counselor Susana Machín

The Health Commission of the Parliament of the Canary Islands has approved this Friday unanimously a Proposal No of Law presented by the Mixed Group (Cs) and amended by the quadripartite groups in which requests an “ethical commitment” from political parties to request the cessation or resignation of public positions that skip the vaccination protocol.

In addition, the groups request the Government of the Canary Islands to publish all the information on the criteria of the vaccination plan to guarantee accountability and transparency before citizens.

Vidina Espino, spokesperson for Cs, has charged against the “cheeks” who use their position to get vaccinated ahead of other people who need it more and regretted that none of the five political positions that were vaccinated before have resigned or been terminated time, according to the report of the Ministry of Health –a councilor from the Cabildo de La Palma and two councilors in La Palma and another two in Tenerife.

María del Río, from Sí Podemos, has agreed “in the background” of the initiative and has requested “vaccines for all” and that they arrive “quickly” while Esther González (NC) has commented that the plan of vaccination “is clear” and hopes that “it will not be repeated” that public positions are advanced in the process.

However, he has said that the problem cannot be “magnified” because it only affects five positions in the archipelago.

Marcos Hernández, from the Socialist Group, has commented that the vaccination plan is “exquisite” and that his party has demanded the resignation of his three public positions that were vaccinated before their time, something that Coalición Canaria (CC) has not done with the councilors of Garachico and Arafo.

“We ask for a code of ethics for everyone and that no one is giving lessons with cases at home,” snapped the nationalist deputy José Alberto Díaz-Estébanez.

Miguel Ángel Ponce, from the Popular Group, has been upset because a very similar proposal was rejected by the Plenary a couple of weeks ago and with the groups that support the Government forcing ASG to withdraw its support.

He has said that “skipping the vaccination shift is especially serious” because it reveals a “lack of integrity, ethics and transparency”, while revealing that 12% of first-line health workers have not received the complete vaccination schedule.

Díaz-Estébanez has asked to “specify” the ‘ethical commitment’ and for this, he demands that the Ministry’s report on the vaccination plan be made public, highlighting that in the Basque Country, for example, two hospital managers have resigned and here in the Canary Islands they remain in their positions, one of them, the manager of the Hospital de La Palma, “who has been a deputy of the PSOE”.

He has commented that the ‘ethical commitment’ is applied “when the rules are clear” and if there was no vaccination list, it is a “chaos” of the Canary Islands Health Service.


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