August 12, 2020

The Parliament of Portugal gives the green light to the decriminalization of euthanasia

The Parliament of Portugal has given the green light today to process the decriminalization of the euthanasia law after approving the five bills that were presented to open an unprecedented path for the country.

After almost three hours of debate, the deputies have given a majority of votes in favor of the proposals of the ruling Socialist Party, the Marxist Bloco de Esquerda, the PAN animalist force and the environmentalist PEV, in addition to the Liberal Initiative.

The bills will now go to the commissions, where they will be studied in detail and changes can be made to them before they go on a new and final vote in plenary, predictably within several weeks.

However, the five texts are very similar in origin: the applicant must be of legal age, without mental problems, and be in a situation of “lasting and unbearable” suffering with incurable and fatal disease or injury.


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