The Parliament asks the Interior for the resolution on NC to analyze its possible consequences in the parliamentary group

Gustavo Matos, president of the Parliament of the Canary Islands. / C7

In a precautionary manner, it urges the NC Parliamentary Group to refrain from transferring funds to the political formation

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The Board of the Parliament of the Canary Islands addressed this Thursday the writings sent by the non-attached deputy Sandra Domínguez Hormiga and the Popular Parliamentary Group on
the situation in which Nueva Canarias (NC) remains in the regional Chamber after the resolution of the Ministry of the Interior, which implies the cancellation of the formation in the registry of parties.

The agreement of the Table, adopted by the majority of its members with the abstention of the first vice president, Esther González, is as follows:

"First.- Acknowledge and transfer the reference documents (10L/ED-0080) and (10L/EGP-0047) to the GP Nueva Canarias (NC) so that
You can express what you consider appropriate within 5 days from the notification of this agreement.

Second.- Directed by the General Secretariat of the Parliament of the Canary Islands, an official letter to the Ministry of the Interior requesting the referral of the Resolution of the General Directorate of Internal Policy, of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of the Interior, by which
the cancellation of the registration of Nueva Canarias (NCa) in the Registry of Political Parties has been agreedif this were the case, and of the Judicial Resolution of extinction, with an expression of its firmness, which would have been issued by the Central Contentious-Administrative Court in the procedure referred to in articles 12 bis of Organic Law 6 /2002, of Political Parties and 127 quinquies of Law 29/1998, of July 13, regulating the Contentious-administrative Jurisdiction, for the purpose of adopting an Agreement by the Parliamentary Committee on the legal and economic consequences that may produced for the Nueva Canarias Parliamentary Group (NC).

Third.- Urge the Nueva Canarias GP (NC) to precautionarily and from the date of notification of this agreement,
refrain from transferring public funds to the presumably defunct political partyfrom the subsidy (former art. 29.1 b) of the Regulations of the Parliament of the Canary Islands) that the Parliament makes available to the parliamentary group for its operation.

Fourth.- Once the requested documentation has been received,
obtain a legal report on the incident that, where appropriate, could have the cancellation of the registration in the Register of Political Parties of Nueva Canarias in the NC Parliamentary Group.

Fifth.- Transfer this agreement to the parliamentary groups and to the deputy Mrs. Sandra Domínguez Hormiga».

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