Fri. Nov 22nd, 2019

The Parlament will create a commission of investigation of sexual abuse in schools

The full Parlament Catalan has given the green light this Wednesday to the creation of a commission of investigation on the cases of sexual violence denounced in the schools.

The commission, which started promoting Catalunya in Comú Podem with the support of the CUP after the case of the Marists, among others, aims to investigate the problem of sexual violence against the children in schools and educational spaces, analyze the causes, assess the adequacy of the measures to prevent these types of abuses and protect the victims.

All the groups agreed to present and support the measure when the adjective "religious" of "school center" fell into the object of the commission of inquiry.

In the coming days, the groups will have to agree on the list of parties, among which are expected to include heads of religious colleges, as well as experts, victims and positions of the different administrations involved.

With the information gathered, a final report is expected to make proposals to prevent and fight better against this scourge, for example, with better detection methods.

In the resolution approved by the Parliament it is recalled that sexual violence against children in Catalonia is often "silenced" and "undervalued" and it is recalled that 17% of the Catalan population has suffered abuse during childhood.

Should sexual harassment and abuse be more punished?

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