August 5, 2020

The Parlament gives this Monday the first step to retry investing Puigdemont from a distance

The Parlament will constitute this Monday at 17.15 the Commission of the Regulation, with the mission of naming the drafting paper that should address changes in the norm with which the Chamber is organized.

This is a reform that drives JxCat and that, as explained on Monday by the deputy Eduard Pujol, should serve to "update" certain tools of the institution that must be updated.

"We want to update the regulations of the Parliament, which is designed for when technology was not what we have now within reach and for when in this Parliament there was a concord and a 'fair play' that today do not exist," he said.

Sources of JxCat consulted by Europa Press have explained that their idea is that the commission of the regulation be constituted so that there all the parties formulate the "proposals" that they consider appropriate to improve the functioning of the Chamber.

The same sources add that, of course, one of the proposals that the JxCat group will take is the possibility of "telematically" investing former President of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemont, currently in Belgium, to be able to be invested remotely.

Thus, this Monday the Parlament will take the first step to retry this endowment at a distance, but the path that JxCat must travel is expected full of obstacles, since they weigh several warnings against this investiture distance.


In the previous legislature a reform of the Parlament's regulation was already addressed to accelerate the processing of the laws of 'disconnection', which generated controversy in the Chamber because several groups defended that such a reform can only be undertaken if there is consensus of all the groups

In June 2016, before the controversy generated, the lawyers of the Parlament issued a report in which they defended that any modification of the regulation must have "with the broadest possible consensus" of the groups.

The reform of the regulation to invest Puigdemont remotely is a question that divides the groups, since parties like Cs, the PSC and the PP have already warned several times that the investiture of a president of the Generalitat has to be face-to-face – -something that the lawyers and the Constitutional Court have also said.


JxCat has already tried in this legislature two ways to invest Puigdemont from a distance and the two have been unsuccessful, but the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, has said several times that one of his priorities is to leave his post to the former president.

The first attempt was on January 30 of this year, when Torrent postponed the full investiture scheduled for Puigdemont, against which weighed the warning of justice that to be invested had to appear in person before the House and under judicial authorization.

The second attempt was at the end of May, when the Parliament approved a law to invest Puigdemont remotely, but five days later it was suspended by the Constitutional Court and JxCat and ERC desisted to go ahead.


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