The Parlament de Catalunya launches a commission of investigation on the 155th on Tuesday

The Parlament will constitute this Tuesday at 11.30 a commission of investigation on the application of the article 155 of the Constitution that intervened the Generalitat, and that stayed in force between the 27 of October of 2017 and the 2 of June of 2018, 218 days .

This is a proposal by JxCat, which considers that there were several "illegalities" during those seven months and wants the Chamber to analyze each of the specific measures adopted by the central government during that time.

According to the document that they presented together with ERC to promote this commission, they also want it to be used to "quantify the damages by the measures applied" and will investigate if criminal responsibilities can be determined.

The plenary session of the Parlament validated to constitute this commission on July 4 of this year, and it did it with the 75 votes in favor of JxCat, ERC, the CUP and the comuns, and the 57 votes against Cs, PSC and PP, who They denied illegalities in the application of this article.

This Tuesday the commission will be elected electing who will be its president, vice president and secretary, and it will be reappointed in about two weeks for the groups to propose the work plan and their proposals for appearing.

Parliamentary sources consulted by Europa Press have explained that JxCat and ERC will propose that the deputy of the first group Toni Morral preside, a decision that must add other supports in the rest of the parties to be a reality.

The spokesman of JxCat in the Chamber, Albert Batet, already advanced in June that would propose the appearance of the delegate of the Government in Catalonia during the application of 155, Enric Millo, for being one of the "executors" of the intervention of the autonomy.

It will be the third commission of investigation that the Parlament sets in motion in this legislature: the first two were one on the jihadist attacks of August 2017, already at full capacity, and the other on the Castor gas store, which summoned its first respondents last week.


Article 155 was launched hours after the Parlament declared the republic and involved, among other measures, the dismissal of the entire Government, the commands of the Mossos d'Esquadra and the dissolution of the Parliament.

Parties such as the PP and Cs have been in favor of reapplying it, considering that the Government of Quim Torra maintains its willingness to disobey, but the responsibility to reactivate it is from the central government - with authorization from the Senate - which rejects it.


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