March 4, 2021

The parents of the tetrapléjico Vincent Lambert resign to present new resources

The parents of the French tetraplegic Vincent Lambert, in a vegetative state for more than a decade, announced on Monday that they are refusing to present new judicial remedies to try to keep him alive.

"His death is inevitable, it has been imposed on him and on us, although we do not accept it, we can only resign ourselves," Viviane and Pierre Lambert said in a statement.

The medical team of the hospital of Reims that is in charge of it started last Tuesday the process to remove the artificial feeding and hydration, after the Supreme Court reopened the way to stop its treatment.

The parents presented two urgent procedures in the last days to try to resume it, but both were rejected.

"We can not do more than pray and accompany our beloved Vincent with dignity and recollection," the parents indicated in their note, published on the website of a support committee for their son that has already collected more than 139,000 signatures.

Lambert did not leave his living will in writing and his situation, which keeps his own family confronted, has become in France a symbol in the debate on the dignified death in France.

He suffered a traffic accident in 2008 that left him quadriplegic and totally dependent. In 2011, the doctors ruled out any possibility of improvement, and in 2014 their condition was classified as vegetative.

The parents, fervent Catholics, asked that their privacy be respected. His lawyers will speak on Monday at a rally organized in Paris.

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