The 'parental pin' is a right for children to inherit prejudices

The leader of Más País, Íñigo Errejón, said this Sunday that the so-called 'parental pin', the Vox measure for parents to give their consent to activities with moral or sexual content in schools, is "a veto" consisting of "the right to be prejudiced by parents by children".

"Freedom is not that everyone can be locked in their cave, freedom is that we can live together with rules of respect and tolerance," said Errejón, who has attended a demonstration against the sending of garbage from the Commonwealth from the east of Madrid to the Valdemingómez plant, in the capital.

The deputy has demanded the Government of PP and Citizens coalition in Madrid not to assume this initiative of Vox, which "has nothing to do with the concerns of the life of Madrid" but with "the concerns of the reactionaries living in the XVII century".

"The last thing we need is to get into discussions about the 'medieval pin' or the 'Abascal pin'," he stressed.


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