The "parallel" party of Rigoberta Bandini, Varry Brava, Rayden and the Tanxugueiras after the Benidorm Fest

A parallel party to rest from the media stress. RTVE had organized a party for after the final of the benidorm fest in a room lift ride, a celebration where all the participants (except, of course, Gonzalo Hermida) were invited. The Benidorm Fest had given its final bell with the victory of chanell and the speculation of the public and the atmosphere of toxicity that was breathed in more than one occasion did not give for much celebration altogether. The Tanxugueiras preferred to decline the invitation to rest in the hotel, in a more private environment, marking a little distance with everything that had just happened and that, without a doubt, had had them in tension for days. Too much mental load.

With no intention of despising, but to "rest" and for "hygiene and not contempt", according to media close to the group, they preferred to take refuge in their hotel. However, they were not the only ones: Rigoberta Bandini, who had started as a favorite (and so it was, from the public, along with the Tanxugueiras) decided to stay with them in the hotel, a decision that the Orihuela natives also made Varry Brava Y Rayden.

It is said and commented that at that party, which began as a break, they ended up listening to Chanel's SloMo, although classics from the benidorm festival of yesteryear added to the own "Ay mama" and a "Terra" shared by all. The party, which lasted well into the morning, was a kind of catharsis for a bittersweet end of the contest for the fans and for them not so bitter, but tired. The feeling of the celebration, however, was one of satisfaction, of a job well done, of a goal accomplished and of moving forward with more gigs, festivals and projects feeling the warmth of the fans who they made them rub Eurovision with your fingers last Saturday.

Rayden, positive after the party

The singer Rayden has communicated his positive in covid through an antigen test that has been published on social networks. This happens just after the final of the Benidorm Fest (which Gonzalo Hermida was unable to attend as he was confined to be positive) and after an intimate celebration that the interpreter attended along with the Tanxungueiras, Varry Brava and Rigoberta Bandini.

Rigoberta Bandini closes controversies

"Many of us believed the dream that the Benidorm Festival would return", tweeted Paula Ribó (Rigoberta Bandini) after the final of the Benidorm Fest, something that the world did not take positively, adding a critical aspect about the final result of the voting that the artist did not specify. Perhaps he was referring, without further ado, to the environment of toxicity created in reedes, far removed from the festival held in the past in the city of Alicante. The networks did not take long to burn or rain retweets in which it was interpreted that the "Ay mama" was criticizing the final course that the festival had taken. Bandini herself had to settle controversy by publishing another tweet in which you could read "No more hate, more love."

And it is that the hatred of some people on Twitter, Instagram and other networks often confuses criticism of the festival system with personally judging artists like the winner, Chanel, whom her peers have repeatedly supported on networks. The Eurovision 2022 representative herself has confessed that she has closed her Twitter account as a result of the harassment she received. "As a society we cannot allow a person to be lynched," said the SloMo interpreter.

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