The Paraguayan opposition threatens the president with a political trial for flight of prisoners

Asunción, Jan 21 (EFE) .- The main parties of the Paraguayan opposition on Tuesday raised the possibility of activating a political trial against the country's president, Mario Abdo Benítez, for the escape on Sunday of 75 prisoners of the Brazilian criminal group First Command Capital (PCC) of the Pedro Juan Caballero prison.

Efraín Alegre, president of the Liberal Party, the major of the opposition, was the first to refer to this possibility during a press conference at the headquarters of the formation, although he recognized the numerical difficulty in Parliament to carry it forward.

"It is serious and we demand immediate answers. Otherwise, the same president will have to answer, and you know what the corresponding procedure and procedure is," Alegre said in reference to the political trial.

For Alegre, the Government of Abdo Benítez, of the Colorado Party, is making "more than enough merits" for citizens to demand his resignation, and accused the president of being leading the country to "a process of Mexicanization" for the presence and Organized crime performances.

In the same appearance, Senator Carlos Filizzola, president of the leftist Guasu Front, recognized that in his formation there are "some concerns" that make them think about the political trial.

However, he was also cautious and preferred to refrain from "still giving a position."

"It would be feasible. Why not? We must study the possibility of political trial," Filizzola said.

Despite the prudence in his statements about a political trial, the senator blamed the president for the escape from the prison of the PCC prisoners.

"Abdo Benítez is directly responsible for what has happened, the ministers of the area of ​​course ... have to respond and give an account of what has happened," added the parliamentarian, of the same formation as former president Fernando Lugo (2008-2012).

The Liberal Party and the Guasu Front, together with the four formations that make up the Bureau of Presidents of the Opposition, also requested in a statement the resignation of the Interior Minister, Euclides Acevedo, the Minister of Justice, Cecilia Pérez, and the Minister of Defense, Bernardino Soto, for that escape.

And they demanded, in a statement, a "thorough review" of the actions of the State Attorney General, Sandra Quiñónez.

The request for resignation to the Minister of Defense responds to the presence of military personnel to guarantee security on the perimeter of the prisons, after Abdo Benítez promulgated the Penitentiary Emergency Law in September, which granted these powers to the military.

"How can it be that the police and military have not even seen? If (the escapees) went out the front door," Filizzola insisted.

For her part, the president of the Febrerista Revolutionary Party, Josefina Duarte, lamented that Brazil has more information than Paraguay on the CCP inmates and questioned the work of the Judiciary.

"The country is based on three legs. The Judiciary is one of the shortest legs in the face of these events and now we are waiting for a response from the Executive Branch," he said.

The Paraguayan authorities investigate the escape under the criminal type of release of prisoners, since it is suspected that they received help to leave the penitentiary.

At the moment, Justice removed from his duties the head of the prison and more than 30 officials of that prison.

Of the 75 escapees, police officers have managed to capture six, five of Paraguayan nationality and one Brazilian.

Paraguay has Brazil's support for the search for prisoners and from Bolivia the immigration alert has been activated at the borders to prevent criminals from entering the country.


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