March 4, 2021

The Paraguayan opposition loses in the Senate the vote on the energy project

The Paraguayan opposition lost in the Senate today the vote on a bill that lowers the price of electricity for the benefit of the popular sectors and, instead, imposed the option with modifications approved in the Chamber of Deputies.

The bill called "Ñane Energía", which sought to establish discounts of 90% on the current tariff for a consumption of 1 to 150 kWh / month, was treated this Thursday in extraordinary session, as the only point of the day, around 9:00 p.m. local time (00.00 GMT on July 5).

The senators hardly needed five minutes, without any discussion, to discuss the only point of this session and opt for the option coming from the Chamber of Deputies.

This version introduced a modification in the regulations, since the discounts will not be 90% for those who consume from 1 to 150 kWh / month, but "up to" 90%.

Senator Carlos Filizzola, of the opposition left wing Frente Guasu, said during his speech that the bill deputies "distorted" the initial one, although his was the only critical voice of this session.

The vote on this bill was scheduled for last Thursday, however, the opposition left the plenary session to avoid reaching the necessary quorum.

On this occasion, however, the same thing did not happen, and the extraordinary session was held with the presence of 42 senators.

The opposition needed 23 votes to carry out its project, but it was two years to get it, so the version of Deputies was automatically approved.

The initial project was approved by the Upper Chamber on March 28, and then remitted to Deputies, who gave a half sanction with modifications in the session of May 8.

After the decision of the extraordinary session today, this bill will now pass to the Executive Power, so that the president of Paraguay, Mario Abdo Benítez, will veto or promulgate the regulations.

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