The Paraguayan Government will arrive "until the end" of the legal route for the case Metrobús

The Paraguayan Government will arrive "until the end" of the legal route for the case Metrobús

The Minister of Public Works and Communications of Paraguay, Arnoldo Wiens, announced today that the Government will do "everything that corresponds" within the legal framework of the country so that those responsible for the suspension of the works of the Metrobus, public transport project for the metropolitan area of ​​Asunción, assume their responsibility.

"If there are people in charge who have to pay the consequences of the work done badly, we will reach the end," confirmed Wiens, after a meeting with the president, Mario Abdo Benítez, at the Government Palace.

The head of the Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOPC) reported to the media that the president had arranged the formation of three work teams, one technical, another legal and a third social contingency, to advance a solution to the case of the Metrobus.

The works of this project, which began in 2017 by the Portuguese Mota Engil, have generated controversy since its inception for the economic damage caused to the merchants and residents of the affected areas, as well as for the inconveniences it generates for the traffic of the city.

For this reason, the Government is now seeking a solution to the holes left by the alleged suspension announced this Saturday, as an agreement between Mota Engil and the Government on an extension of deadlines and financial issues was not reached.

In this way, the work teams will analyze "if there was property damage to the State" and will study solutions for the "frontage", as the owners of the businesses affected by the works are known.

In this case, the National Development Bank (BNF) has made "all the credit lines available to all merchants", as its owner Daniel Correa pointed out, who also participated in the meeting with Abdo. Benitez

Correa added that they are asking for "some extensions" to the Ministry of Finance to deal with possible orders and clarified that his institution will not be responsible for subsidies or compensation, but "exclusively credit lines."

The president of the BNF said that "each case" will be studied to provide "a quick solution".

The contractor Mota Engil also pronounced through a statement to the public in which he reiterates "with vehemence that there has been no abandonment of the work" and regrets "the absence of action during the period of the previous administration."

Likewise, the Portuguese defends its trajectory of "72 years of history" with presence in more than 30 countries in which it never "received accusations for the abandonment of any work by a public authority or even by an individual".

Mota Engil took the tender in December 2015, with a project of about 47.5 million dollars, according to the current change (more than 280,763 million guaraníes).


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