The "paradise" in a million pieces of atauriques in Medina Azahara

The "paradise" in a million pieces of atauriques in Medina Azahara

If the "paradise" is represented in the Koran as a garden with stepped terraces, fountains, water, animals and vegetation in collusion with men, it is precisely what recreates the million fragments that make up the atauriques of the central room of the Rich Room of Medina Azahara that has closed its weekend with 500 visitors.

This is explained today to the group of privileged people – who until January 5 are enrolled in one of the six daily guided tours – visitors the archaeologist of the monumental group Luis Tobar, who has emphasized the genuineness of the restoration work that archaeologists They are making from the million fragments of the atauriques found in the garden that precedes the "jewel in the crown" of Medina Azahara, closed to the public the last decade for administrative problems with the company in charge of the work, among others.

The archaeologist explains that to avoid the rejected "anastilosis", reconstructions on archaeological jewels that do not allow to distinguish the original, the restoration group works on some planks and, as a puzZe, they are placing the remains and leaving the missing ones in the air.

Thanks to funding from the German Archeology Institute, archaeologists and restorers are performing one of the most complex techniques "used in a few parts of the world"; place the fragments on a recreation of high reliefs of what the studies indicate could have been the complete motif of the ataurique, so that once placed you can see how it was in the time of Alhakén II and what was left of the plundering of the palatine city.

A member of the last group of guided tours of today, an archaeologist of the same group – who has preferred not to give his name – has not wanted to stop entering what is "probably the best preserved building that best represents the medieval history of Al- Ándalus "he said, adding that" once the facade of the Hall is restored, the views from the garden that precedes it will be the most spectacular of any monument in Spain. "

A statement that is not trivial because, as the leading archaeologist of the group has said, the Salón Rico represents the "paradise" of the Muslims, taking into account the description that is made of it in the Koran itself; preceded by a pond surrounded by a garden, as the Prophet is represented, stressing the importance of water as a purifying element of the soul.

Once inside, the decoration of the arcades is a hundred atauriques that, in their lower part, represent vegetal motifs inspired by the "Discordia Treaty", the main pharmacopoeia manual, while from the middle to the ceiling, the science of Astrology, "essential in the life of the caliphs to the point of deciding their battles according to the astral prospecting", is represented by geometric star shapes.

For this, Tobar highlights the importance of this place, where Abd al-Rahman III received his guests leaving them impressed by the virtuosity of their decoration and color, which was an icon of Umayyad Caliphate art during the tenth century when the Caliphate of Cordoba became "the center of the world."

In the Rich Room, the caliph brought together scholars of all known disciplines to promote the conservation of knowledge, preserve it for future generations and increase it with new studies and discoveries, said Tobar, who told the group that in this building it was translated from Greek to Arabic the "Treaty of Discord."


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