The paper annihilator

They are dedicated to digitalize administrative processes through electronic signature and billing and collection automation. Docuten is the project launched by Brais Méndez (CEO) and Ángel Aparicio (Product Manager) 10 years ago and which closed 2018 by touching the million euros of turnover, something they hope to overcome in 2019. Based in A Coruña and Madrid, they have gone from making projects to making products, creating a program with which they have renamed the company. “The way of working SaaS [software como servicio] it allows you grow and scale faster. You pay for the use you give to Docuten and the documents you deal with, ”they explain. Last year, to implement the payment part, they bought the fintech Besepa, in Madrid, which, according to Méndez, "covers all the digitalization needs throughout the entire business cycle of an organization."

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