Fri. Feb 28th, 2020

‘The panic room’, the new program of Nuria Marín in Cuatro

Two weeks ago we woke up with a surprise change on the Mediaset grill: the cancellation of
Butterfly hunter

, the long magazine of the heart produced from Barcelona by La Fábrica de la Tele and presented
Nuria Marín
and Nando Escribano in Divinity. Already before the last program was broadcast, the chain was already advancing that the Catalan presenter would have a new program. As the communication group itself has announced, the format is called
The panic room
and will be issued in Four.

It seems that Martín’s new space will be very similar to the one already disappeared
Butterfly hunter
but interconnecting “the whole unique universe of Mediaset Spain”.

Nando Escribano and Núria Marín, presenters of 'Butterfly Hunter'

Nando Escribano and Núria Marín, presenters of ‘Butterfly Hunter’

Monumental surprise regarding television changes refers when on January 29, Mediaset Spain published a press release in which the chain announced the end of Butterfly hunter. Despite their disappearance, Paolo Vasile’s group also advanced that they were preparing a new format led by the Catalan presenter.

We refer to Panic Room, “a new space that will interconnect the entire unique universe of Mediaset Spain, with the own and inimitable character of the realities, talents and innovative formats of the group, with the unmistakable seal of La Fábrica de la Tele, marked by rhythm, fun and nonsense. ”

The name that has been revealed through two means: on the one hand, by a promo where Nuria Marín, her new presenter, looks surprised; and on the other, in the premier account of The Panic Room. In the message that accompanies the logo of the format they were already advancing that will soon be broadcast in Cuatro.

The new commitment of the chain for this space would disrupt its programming grid that currently has live programs such as MYHYV, The contest of the year, Everything is a lie, Four a day and Come to dinner with me. Now it’s time to wait to know in what time slot the chain would include The panic room. Remember that Butterfly hunter it was broadcast from 15 to 16 hours in Divinity.

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