The pandemic and teleworking trigger removals



The pandemic brought the normalization of teleworking and this has modified, at least temporarily, the housing market. Because many have taken advantage of the power to work from home to flee the cities in search of open spaces, which has caused that in large capitals such as Madrid the rental price has plummeted by more than 10%, according to the real estate portal

One of the main winners of the situation are moving companies, for which work has exploded, especially in Madrid Y Barcelona. In fact, the portal ProntoPro place that the demand for moving services grew by 39% in 2020. The search for related information grew especially in early May and October and in late September, the month with the highest peak of interest recorded in 2020.

The first direct cause, the Covid-19. Fears of the virus, confinement and the rise of teleworking during the ‘new normal’ have encouraged migration to rural areas, a situation that receives the echo of other countries of the eurozone and even of large metropolises on the other side of the pond, such as San Francisco or New York, which are registering an “urban exodus” according to Bloomberg CityLab.

“The number of removals depends largely on the movements of the rental market, whose prices continue to fall in much of Spain,” they explain from the Spanish Federation of Moving Companies (Fedem). Something confirmed by the Association of Rental Homeowners (Asval) that suggests that this situation will continue “as long as the crisis generated by the pandemic».

«The health emergency has thus revalued the role of moving companies, responsible for the transfer, packing and unpacking of goods for individuals and companies. Hence it is recognized as a essential and exempt activity, therefore, of the perimeter restrictions imposed on other services “, they conclude from Removals El Cid.

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