May 12, 2021

The Palmer base, the inspiring appointment of scientists and scientists in Antarctica

The Palmer base, the inspiring appointment of scientists and scientists in Antarctica

The scientific spirit was felt today more than ever on the Ushuaia ship, where the 80 women leaders of science who travel the Antarctic were visited by a group of experienced researchers from the US Palmer base.

On the seventh day of the crossing, the expedition by the female leadership Homeward Bound, supported by Acciona, is preparing to arrive at the Palmer base, but the ice that surrounds the station prevents the descent of the large delegation.

Palmer, painted almost all in blue, is a research station in the United States located on Anvers Island in Antarctica and inaugurated in 1965.

It is recognized for its research work, especially the fauna, since around it are colonies of Adélie, chinstrap and gentoo penguins, as well as seals and sea lions.

But it also deals with studies in the areas of biology, engineering, mathematics, physics and even economics, that is, all the fields to which the Expeditions of Homeward Bound belong. Hence the excitement of the visit.

To solve the unexpected by the ice, a group of ten people from the base, led by the station chief, Bob Farrell, goes to the ship.

"This is an ideal place to study the polar marine environment", coincide in the conference room of the ship before the expectant scientists the members of the laboratory of the base.

The research approaches according to the members of the station, including Natasja van Gestel, also include oceanography and even atmospheric sciences, a fact that triggers questions from the audience and an exchange of opinions about the planet.

Van Gestel explained to Efe that the study of the plants and the glacier that surrounds the base, Marr Ice Piedmont, has allowed them to open new studies on the changes that are noticed in Antarctica.

The culmination of the day was the intervention of the Costa Rican Christiana Figueres, one of the architects of the Paris Agreement on climate change, who, through tears, thanked the commitment of science to the environment.

The Homeward Bound expedition, founded by Fabian Dattner, departed on December 31 from Ushuaia, considered the southernmost city on the planet, and among more than a dozen planned stops are the Ukrainian base Vernardsky and Pleneau Island, adjacent to a "cemetery" "of icebergs.

The tour will run until January 19 and has the participation of Figueres, a leading leader in the fight against climate change and women's empowerment.

Homeward Bound, supported by the Spanish company of infrastructure and renewable energy Acciona, is a global initiative for women in the field of STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine) with a view to increasing their visibility as leaders in the world.


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