The Palma City Council rules out that an illegal party was held at the Local Police headquarters but sanctions three ex-agents who acceded without permission

Despite two weeks having passed, the tension continues to hover over the Sant Ferran de Palma barracks. Investigations opened by the City Council to find out if on the night of April 13 an allegedly illegal party was held inside the Local Police station They have ruled out any type of irregularity in terms of excess capacity allowed. The Consistory affirms that what was carried out was a farewell dinner for a colleague about to retire “at the usual time and in the usual place” where those who are on duty tend to have lunch and rest.

Palma City Council investigates an alleged illegal party inside the Local Police headquarters

Palma City Council investigates an alleged illegal party inside the Local Police headquarters

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However, the investigations have resulted in the replacement of the two responsible for the shift and with three sanction proceedings due to the fact that three ex-agents participated in the act, whose entry had not been authorized.

Although the Consistory of the Balearic capital avoids offering details about the identity of the “people outside the service” who accessed the police station that night, sources close to those present at the dinner corroborate that they are the two agents denounced for homophobia by the former member of the body and current councilor for Social Justice, Sonia Vivas. One of them is the brother of the police officer who was on his last day of service prior to retirement.

It should be remembered that both were sentenced to two sentences – confirmed in January by the Supreme Court – of three years and five months in prison and one year and three months for a crime of coercion, to which are added those of false denunciation and false testimony in the case of one of the two defendants. A third police officer investigated in the ‘Cursach’ case also attended the dinner.

All of them – service agents and the three outsiders – gathered in the space where the barracks bar was located more than ten years ago, which has since been converted into a dining room so that police officers can have a snack and relax in their moments. Rest. The room, enabled for a maximum of 20 people from all service units 24 hours a day, has about 60 square meters, several vending machines and tables with two chairs at their ends in compliance with health regulations.

Given the controversy generated, the Councilor for Citizen Security -area from which the investigation of the events was promoted-, the socialist Joana Maria Adrover, and the head of the Local Police, José Luis Carque, have appeared on Tuesday to explain what happened according to the investigations carried out. “After the investigation, it was found that, that Tuesday, a group accompanied a colleague on his last day of service. He was on vacation period and then retired. That night the usual dinner of the usual shift took place at the usual time and at the usual room, and the maximum allowed capacity was not exceeded, “the councilor has stressed on several occasions.

However, the controversy now centers on those who participated in the event without authorization and, therefore, remained outside their respective homes and inside the barracks beyond the curfew starting time, then set at 10 p.m. , which, Adrover asserts, “supposes having breached the regulations and not having respected the contingency plan of the Local Police aimed at minimizing contagions.”

Specifically, the City Council has agreed as a precautionary measure while the investigation continues to relieve the two responsible for the evening as shift coordinators and has proposed the opening of a file against both, which could be minor, serious or very serious. . In the latter case, the reprimand would entail his removal from service for more than three months and, even, his forced transfer and change of destination. Meanwhile, three acts have been drawn up against the three former police officers for breaking the curfew.

These are facts that, the councilor regretted, “harm the institution of the Local Police and the confidence of citizens and unfairly damage the image of the body.” Not in vain, Adrover has striven to vigorously defend the current work of the Local Police, whose image has been seriously affected in the last decade due to the multiple arrests carried out in the framework of investigations that uncovered an alleged structure police aimed at protecting the interests of the leisure magnate in the Balearic Islands, Bartolomé Cursach.

“The Local Police is at a time of adding and facing a reconstruction project aimed at returning service to citizens in the most optimal way possible. The presence of these three people is not a reason to weigh down the image of the Local Police “, has asserted the socialist mayor.

The events did not take long to raise the dust in the Balearic capital and even gave way to political recrimination. While the mayor, José Hila (PSIB-PSOE), remained cautious and asked for prudence while waiting to gather more information about what happened, Podemos recriminated that the councilor for Citizen Security “has never allowed herself to be advised” by those who know in depth “what is the internal functioning of the Sant Ferran barracks.

“Police convicted and suspected of corruption make a pulse to show that Sant Ferran belongs to them,” they remarked from the purple formation, lamenting that, from the PSIB-PSOE, what “has always been availability for a better management “of the Local Police. “A group that goes through complex moments and that will not be able to look forward as long as the usual people continue to use the corporation as if it were their home,” they assert.

Precisely, the councilor of Podemos Sonia Vivas made public yesterday, on her Twitter account, a letter addressed “to the officials who, for years, have kidnapped the Local Police of Palma. To those who, from minute one I asked I am protected by Justice for the harassment I suffered, you turned my day to day into the greatest torture “.

Along these lines, the letter lashes out harshly against those who have “opened the doors of the Police Station to criminals who have served and will serve a sentence again for mistreating me for years in the same barracks where you receive them with laughter, hugs and praise. Those of you who have gagged all the honest and honest policemen, while you point a pistol at the head of the entire system of law. Those who spread fear outside and also inside. To those who called me a liar for denouncing a harassment of which many of you were knowledgeable. ”

The current councilor and women’s rights activist also recriminates the actions of those who “generated currents of opinion about me so that it was impossible for me to resist the day-to-day in my job, causing me to leave” and the that “you have made an effort to paint me as a bad person in order to have a single weighty argument with which to build something solid that would justify that I deserved the harassment.


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