June 19, 2021

The Palestinian drama sneaks into the Goya | Culture

The Palestinian drama sneaks into the Goya | Culture

For the directors, Carles Bover and Julio Pérez, opting for the Goya for Best Documentary Short Film "is a unique opportunity to make visible the reality that the Palestinian population suffers in the Gaza Strip and thus break the media silence through culture." Those responsible for Loop they defend that they underwent "innumerable attempts of censorship". The short, as previously other candidates in the same category, you can see it in its entirety on the EL PAÍS website.

"Loop It narrates through different characters the violation of human rights suffered daily by the Palestinian population in the Gaza Strip and the situation of blockade and post-war in which it tries to survive. All of this in the face of the complicit silence of the international community and the impunity of Israel, "the filmmakers complain, adding:" Thus, the documentary becomes a tool for social transformation and, in the case of the Goya Awards, converting the culture and cinema in the only weapons against barbarism. "


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