The Palau de la Música will host the 'show' of Dani Mateo on November 24 as a charity event | Valencian Community

The Palau de la Música in Valencia, in the background. In video, statements by the mayor of Valencia and the director of the Olympia theater.

The City Council of Valencia offers humorist Dani Mateo to represent his show We never forget you, along with the comedians Raúl Cimas and J.J. Vaquero, the next November 24 in the largest room, the Iturbi, with 1,300 seats, because that day is available, has confirmed the councilor of Culture of the capital, Glòria Tello. The actor offered on Thursday to act free if a room was hosting after the Olympia Theater, a private room, canceled the functions contracted for the next November 23 and 24 by threats of boycott and protest called by a group of ultra right.

The controversy rages around to the sketch starring Dani Mateo the past October 31 in the program The intermediate (La Sexta), in which he pretended to blow his nose with the flag of Spain. The last chapter was the cancellation announced yesterday by the Valencian theater despite the apologies of the presenter of The intermediate, The Great Wyoming: "This joke is not funny. And it is not the first time that happens in this program, "he acknowledged, referring to the joke with the Spanish flag:" There was no political intentionality or any editorial positioning behind ".

The Palau de la Música, explained Tello, will charge an entrance similar to the one planned for the private room (around 20 euros) but the proceeds will be donated to a non-governmental organization. This type of functions, of charitable nature, are regulated and are usually held in the municipally owned venue, said the councilor, who has shown her support for Olympia. "You can not question his career, the people responsible are the fascists," he declared.

The Palau will charge the promoter of the show 600 euros in concept of basic operating expenses (electricity, cleaning, etc), and tickets will go on sale both at the Palau de la Música box office and through its website.

The director of the Olympia theater in Valencia, Enrique Fayos, has denounced to the National Police the threats received, both for programming the function of Dani Mateo and for canceling it, and has appealed to the responsibility to reduce all the "tension" in the street . The Government delegate in the Valencian Community, Juan Carlos Fulgencio, has confirmed the opening of an investigation by the National Police.

The political pronouncements in favor of freedom of expression have continued this Friday. The president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig, has lamented the "unfortunate controversy" with the spectacle of the humorist, since the freedom of expression is "a right that is a consubstantial and nuclear part of the democratic life". In addition, in his opinion, "the right to express a criticism can not be to attack freedom of expression." Puig has expressed himself in these terms before the media, asked by the decision of the Olympia Theater to cancel the functions of the comedian due to the threats received.

The vice president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Monica Oltra, he said, meanwhile, that "a rule of law can not tolerate extreme right-wing groups apply censorship to anyone, any company, any humorist or anyone."

The mayor of Valencia, Joan Ribó, has added around the threats to the theater of groups of extreme right that "can not condition the acts of a free city". The cancellation of the functions by the Olympia came after the right-wing party Spain 2000 announced a rally at the gates of the theater on their social networks and that the management of the cultural center received threats by telephone and through social networks.

Ribó has stated that he is not worried about the threats being reproduced because "there are security forces that defend democracy, freedom and the Constitution." "I have full confidence that they will act accordingly," said the mayor, who added that he would be concerned "that a public act could not be carried out as a result of threats".

This morning the mayor also congratulated himself on his Twitter profile that the program collaborator The intermediate has accepted his offer to represent We will never forget you in the Palau de la Música.

Spain 2000 has announced on Twitter that the day this representation finally takes place will also exercise its "right to freedom of expression."


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