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The Palau de la Música recalls the Millet case with a documentary entitled 'Ressurrecció'

When July 23 marks the 10th anniversary of the discovery of Millionaire plunder of Fèlix Millet with the notorious entrance of the Mossos in the premises of the Palau de la Música, the concert hall will hang on its digital platform a 55 minute documentary of duration titled Ressurrecció in which workers, musicians, managers and public officials are interviewed.

The intention is to explain "From within and for the first time" how the transformation and rebirth of this audience has been experienced, which in a decade has managed not only to be among the main European venues in terms of musical excellence, but has recovered the very decimated trust of the public and of Catalan society in general .

The producer Broadcaster he was commissioned by the Palau to carry out a content "truthful, impartial and plural", say from the Palau, which could be broadcast on a television if an agreement is reached. "We are in talks," says communication director of the entity, Judith Pi.

From day 23 will be able to see in the web of the Digital Palace and perhaps in the future it will relay some chain

The documentary includes a score of interviewees, including the then Commissioner of Culture of the City Council, Jordi Martí; Lluís Noguera, Secretary of Culture of the Generalitat in 2009; the president of the room herself -then vice president- Mariona Carulla; the general director who was appointed immediately, Joan Llinares, as well as the current one, Joan Oller. But also great figures who have passed through this scene in recent years, such as the Venezuelan maestro Gustavo Dudamel, or the artistic director of the choirs of the house, Simon Halsey.

The five movements of the Mahler's Second Symphony, directed by Dudamel and interpreted by the own Orfeó Català It serves as a thread for this story about how that event was lived and what in this decade made it possible to resurface and overcome the shock "and recover the illusion", in the words of Carulla. "For the record, it is not an infomercial," says Oller, who says that it is not a story about the achievements of his administration.

Joan Oller

It is very likely that the Millet case sentence must wait for the procés "

Pending sentencing, the cost to the Palau derived from this embezzlement of 23 million euros perpetrated by Millet already amounts to 4.5 million euros, between lawyers and audits, plus 1.3 million in reimbursement of grants. "It is very likely that the Millet case sentence should wait for the procés, because who has it on the table is part of the judge Marchena group," says Joan Oller.

The general director of the Palau de la Música has announced this new content of the Digital Palace during the presentation of the new Strategic Plan 2019-2020. A stage that qualifies as a continuist with respect to the foundational values: excellence, participation, social commitment and Catalanness. To which now they add innovation and digitalization.

Also at this time rnew contract Simon Halsey himself, for three more years, decided to make the Orfeó "an amateur choir of prestige and international reference, while working to strengthen the sense of belonging of the entire choral family, promoting the passage of some cantaire from one choir to another within of the Orfeó ".

Simon Halsey

The Orfeó Català has been renewed in many aspects, the average age has dropped "

"The Orfeó has been renewed in many aspects, lat average age it is much lower -Has commented the English director-. The next thing is to continue renewing the repertoire, making new music from Catalan and international authors. It is necessary to try, especially in the Cor de Cambra, that in each program there is a contemporary work. And in the next few years we want to get closer to parity in composers and directors ".

Halsey has highlighted the occasions in which the different choirs collaborated, as in the concerts of Sant Esteve, the oratorio Considering Mathew Shepard and the Monster in the labyrinth. The English director also highlighted the main trips abroad, "as ambassadors of our culture", either with China or in Berlin, with the project Vocal Heroes, "or now in the London Proms". And he has also highlighted the batons that the choir has directed, the Rattle, Dudamel or Gardiner.

The Palau income statement was balanced again in 2018, with 14.5 million revenues and expenses

Regarding the income statement for the year 2018, the Palau entered 14.5 million euros and had a similar expense, which already adds three years with balanced accounts, says Oller. The visits to the modernist building reported him about 3 million, tickets to concerts 3.8 million, room rental 2.8 and patronage 1.9. The subsidies and transfers amount to 1.7 million, although the Ministry's aid went through the crisis from 500,000 to 190,000 without recovering again.

The artistic activity represents half of the cost, while the staff implies 4.4 million euros. The institution recognizes among its weaknesses the "high level of increased spending due to the ambition of the project, that is, the artistic and choral program". And also the lack of quality control of the image of the Palau when it is rented to promoters of concerts. In this sense, the general manager has announced that they have planned positive measures, such as sending experts to these concerts to make reports that can reach the promoters.

The Palau wants to send experts to concerts of external promoters, so they can control the quality

As well An excess of dependence on the tourism sector is seen as a threat, although it does not seem that the number of visits can increase much more. "What we can do is make them more expensive by offering greater quality on the tour, extending for example the moments of music that include", warns Oller.

In terms of attendance, if the number of spectators of the Palau's own programming amounted to 94,000 in 2011, it had doubled in 2017 196,000 spectators. While the concert viewers of external promoters have gone from 327,000 to 270,000 in this same period.

Between 2011 and 2017, the Palau has doubled the number of viewers of its own programming

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