Sat. Aug 17th, 2019

The Palau de la Música launches its digital concert platform

Cómo escuchar on line conciertos del Palau de la Música

Concerts, conferences, sound archives from half a century ago, audiovisual content of interest ... Palau de la Música he has put the batteries and designed a minisite on its website to offer concerts that have taken place in the room and to facilitate access to other content related to its cultural and musical offer. Is the
Palau Digital
, a pioneering experience in Spain but that in Europe have already launched large entities such as Berlin Philharmonic or the Concertgebouw of Amsterdam.

The majority of audiovisual content comes from the Corporació Catalana de Ràdio i Televisió, which collaborates with the Palau and has free radio recordings of, for example, the 'Turangalila Symphony'Of Messiaen that in 2016 directed Gustavo Dudamel with Yuja Wang at the piano A concert-event whose recording has the Palau exclusively for a month.

But it will also be a way to listen again to premieres of works by local composers in which the Orfeó Català, As the 'Requiem' by Guinovart wave 'Cantata de Randa' by Salvador Brotons. Concerts that are otherwise difficult to hear again.

"East minisite it wants to be the record company of the Palau of the things that happen here ", comments Judith Pi, director of communication of the room. "It's about expanding publics, being prescriptors, addressing both those who already know us and those who have not yet."

This 'minisite' wants to be the label of the Palau of the things that happen in it "

This virtual free access tool suggests, for example, the best recordings of Montserrat Caballé, and allows you to listen to them. Or it gives access to pre-concert conferences, even in real time, so that the platform can make audioradio for people who are listening to the speaker while they are at the concert.

"The available content will increase. It is a slow dynamic, because there is a previous job of contacting the artist to give his consent, "adds Joan Oller, director of the room. "We want more videos but for the moment most of them are audio. The idea is not to present all the concerts but to choose those of interest. And that it be of quality, so that either we have a good realization or we are left with the sound ".

The idea is not to present all the concerts but to choose those of interest "

In addition, its archive section recovers historical concerts. The oldest preserved is the 'Requiem' by Mozart that in 1955 he had voices like those of Concepción Callao Y Gaietà Renom. And in his news and blog section he discloses the activities in the Escola Coral, among others. Or recover the performance of Rosalía and the Cor Jove del Orfeó at the Gala of the Goya, that already goes by the five million visits.

The Palau has been sharing with the public for some years now the playlist it's from the season. A list of 30 works, as a guide. But now you can also include in this section short interviews with artists who are going to act imminently, such as the one that the mezzo offered by mail. Magdalena Kozená.

In addition, the room wants to program informative capsules related to music, choir singing and its architectural heritage. A section of own production for which it seeks sponsorship and collaborations with televisions. For the moment, Palau Digital has the collaboration of Endesa.

The modernist room wants to produce informative capsules related to music, choir singing and its architectural heritage

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