May 30, 2020

The painting from Vigo that laughs at the coronavirus – La Provincia

Psychologists say it: Laughing helps to alleviate the concern about what has suddenly fueled our lives, the coronavirus. Some neighbors dance in disguise, others dust the veoveo, those from beyond sing centennial women birthdays … There are no rules in this of the confinement, but ingenuity, as the one that has demonstrated in its maximum exponent a family of Vigo: imitate the arrangement of various paintings by famous artists.

“I proposed it to my family as a challenge: ‘Come on, let’s all cheer up, and since we can’t leave the house, because with what we have,'” the precursor of this idea, Iria Fumega, a Vigo emigrant who tells us works in Switzerland. The young woman took the witness of a Dutch initiative (@tussenkunstenquarantaine on Instagram) that precisely encourages citizens to pass this test.

The family’s grandchildren are scattered around Porto and Madrid, and the rest, who are the vast majority – parents, uncles and grandparents – throughout the Olympic city. “I was surprised myself that there was so much participation, it was very cool”, admits the captain of this challenge, which allowed total freedom when choosing the painting to simulate. Such was the illusion that she herself began uploading her proposal to her Instagram profile. Given the success with which the image was received, he decided to tell his sister Xiana to post all the familiar works to his Twitter, where he has a large number of followers -more than 3000-. And the popularity multiplied: the tweet has already climbed to 2,000 retweets and more than 5,500 likes, and, to make matters worse, some have already offered their own replicas.

‘The girl with the pearl’, by Johannes Vermeer


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