The painter Luis Feito, founder of El Paso, dies of coronavirus

Madrid, Feb 7 (EFE) .- The Madrid painter Luis Feito, one of the promoters of the El Paso group, has died in Madrid at the age of 91 due to covid-19, as reported this Sunday by the Rascafría City Council ( Madrid), from where he was an adopted son.

Feito, born in Madrid in 1929, died yesterday in his home / workshop, and, as the director of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando, Tomás Marco, has informed Efe, his mortal remains will be cremated today in the Madrid funeral home in Three songs.

"We lose one of the great artists of that generation who introduced informalism and abstraction in Spain, he was a first-class artist and a beautiful person," said Marco, a personal friend of Feito, who designed the cover for one of Their disks.

As the director of the San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts has also highlighted, the El Paso group, to which Feito belonged, "was the most important thing that occurred in Spain after the Civil War" since it led our country to the "international scale".

Luis Feito, along with Manuel Millares, Antonio Saura, Rafael Canogar, Antonio Suárez, Juana Francés and Pablo Serrano, was the promoter of what would later become known as the El Paso group, with a great impact on Spanish art in the late 1950s and which taught the country to understand abstract art.

Although his name is a classic of Spanish art of this century, he has not received the honors of his other colleagues, and it was only in 1988 that the Spanish Museum of Contemporary Art (MEAC) dedicated a retrospective that, in the words of the painter himself, marked his "professional return to Spain".

He has exhibited all over the world and his work is distributed among the great museums and foundations such as the Guggenheim in New York, the Ateneum Museum in Helsinki, or the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome. Since 1988 he has exhibited regularly in Spain.

Despite the fact that Feito was not in good health, the Madrilenian was dedicated to his art "until the end", said Tomás Marco.

After learning of the artist's death, the Ministry of Culture recalled through a message on Twitter that Feuti was awarded the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts in 1997.

For her part, the Minister of Culture of the Community of Madrid, Marta Rivera de la Cruz, has lamented "very much" the death of the artist, who leaves "his work and the memory of his talent."


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