Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

The pain club | Babelia

An evocation of Ignacio Villa, aka Snowball (1911-1971), that smiling Cuban entertainer who managed an international repertoire, although he specialized in the bolero filin and the Afro songs of the Grenet brothers, sometimes made from poems by Nicolás Guillén. Bola used to record with orchestras but in small places he practiced piano man. That explains that Martyrdom Y Chano Dominguez have chosen that brief format: piano plus voice. This is intense material, worthy of being sold exclusively in pharmacies. Bola tended to the bleak, with an overwhelming presence of chronicles of renunciation and rupture, so it is appreciated that Martirio includes an optimistic hymn like ‘La vie en rose’, or that Chano occasionally lets out jazzman that carries inside. The secret of Ball said Cristóbal Díaz Ayala, was in the dialogue between voice and piano: here they understand and respect each other.

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