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It has not been possible. A few days after the end of the legislature, the almost three years of negotiations and work in the Toledo Pact have ended without fruit. The hard political negotiation, which had advanced a lot, evaporated when it was about to come to fruition in a grand agreement to set the recommendations to guarantee the future of pensions. Thus it has become clear at the meeting that on Tuesday the main political groups have celebrated to study the future of pensions. In the meeting it has been demonstrated that the position of Unidos Podemos has been key to closing the possibility of an agreement, according to all the political groups, including its Valencian partner of Compromís.

All the spokesmen admit that the texts of the Pact of Toledo were very worked and, even, that there is "pre-agreement", in the words of the popular spokesman, Gerardo Camps. They lacked details, assume the others. But they are details, according to the Catalan deputy Carles Campuzano, which could be resolved with "political will" these days. However, today Unidos Podemos has announced in the commission that it was going to present many more particular votes of the three announced in principle (age, contributivity and private pension plans).

"I'm sad and fucked." Slamming and angry, the president of the Toledo Pact Commission, Celia Villalobos, has left the room where the last meeting of the Toledo Pact has been held. He has not stopped to respond to journalists. Yes, the spokeswoman for Unidos Podemos, Aïna Vidal, has admitted that her group has announced more particular votes than it had advanced.

That, according to the analysis of the PSOE, PNV, PdeCAT and Compromis, has helped the PP to maintain its position contrary to that, before the electoral advance, leave the recommendations of the Pact of Toledo ready this term. This has been made clear by his spokesman, Gerardo Camps, who held Pedro Sanchez "in the first place" for advancing the elections. However, Camps also pointed to the purple formation. According to his story, today's meeting "has removed the mask" to Unidos Podemos since they have had to show that they do not believe in the pension pact.


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