March 8, 2021

The pack's civil guard loses military status after being convicted of rape

Antonio Manuel Guerrero, one of those convicted of a continuing crime of rape in the well-known case of 'La Manada', has lost military status since June 21, according to the Official Gazette of the Ministry of Defense published on Thursday. Europa Press

According to the official document, Guerrero lost the status of civil and military guard in transposition of the final decision of the Supreme Court on the 21st.

That day, the Supreme Court overturned the sentence of 'La Manada' and increased the sentences for the five defendants to 15 years in prison for a continuing offense of rape with the specific aggravations of degrading treatment and joint action by two or more persons.

In the case of Guerrero, the court sentenced him to two more years in prison, a total of 17, as being responsible for the crime of robbery with intimidation of the victim's mobile phone.

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