August 5, 2021

The Oxford vaccine prevents coronavirus infections and not just contracting the disease, according to a preliminary study

The vaccine developed by the University of Oxford and the pharmaceutical AstraZeneca would not only prevent contracting the COVID-19 disease in a serious way but also from spreading it, according to a preliminary study of the university itself that has not yet been reviewed. It was announced yesterday by the Prime Minister of Health of the United Kingdom, Matt Hancock, who said that the results were “excellent”. If confirmed, it would be the first study that proves that a vaccine against COVID-19 prevents transmission. Those of Pfizer and Moderna, with an efficiency of around 95%, have proven that they can prevent the serious course of the disease.

Oxford researchers have measured the impact on transmission by taking weekly samples from participants to detect the presence of the virus, he said. the New York Times. If there is no virus present, it cannot spread; and they found that the presence of the virus was reduced by 67% among those vaccinated, the efficacy reported for this vaccine. This serum is, like Moderna’s and Pfizer’s, double-dose.

AstraZeneca had a controversy with the European Union last week after they announced that they were surely going to reduce their shipments to the continent, but not to the United Kingdom. After the European Union published the contract – with studs in the part of prices and terms -, and several days of tension, both parties agreed that the quantities foreseen for this first quarter would be reduced to half of what was expected, to 40 million doses.

The European Commission gave the green light to the trial to be commercialized last Friday, and all member countries, including Spain, will presumably start receiving it next week. The Ministry has not announced exactly how many in each shipment, but the EU has announced 3.2 million for the continent. Those that arrive in Spain will be added to the more than one million we have from Pfizer and Moderna. The Ministry of Health will decide this Wednesday whether to recommend the vaccine for people over 65, because the company responsible has not published data on its effectiveness in this population.


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