June 24, 2021

The owner of a radio station assaults a live announcer: "You are trash" – La Provincia

The announcer Claudia Vázquez was live on a radio station in Argentina, on Tuesday morning, when unexpectedly her boss came in, who violently took her out of the study. The listeners witnessed what happened and they called emergencies.

"I'm doing the program, can't you let me finish it?", you hear the worker say; to which the owner responds: "You're with people too good for you, crap".

With the voice broken and crying, the announcer tries to continue with the program but then there is a blow on the table and a threat: "Get out because I don't answer from me. Do you think I can't do shit to you?".

The announcer has denounced Rodolfo Ridao, the radio owner and alleged aggressor.


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