February 27, 2021

The owner of a protector killed 500 animals that she “saved” in exchange for subsidies

Members of the Seprona have arrested the director and owner of an animal protector in El Baix Ebre (Tarragona) who for a decade has been collecting animals from the street, especially dogs and cats, in exchange for receiving public subsidies and if they were sick or could not give them up for adoption he would kill them. In addition, he was posing as a veterinarian without having any qualification and falsifying recipes, primers and chips from the dogs.

The detainee, who has been brought to justice, is charged with the crimes of animal abuse, falsification of documents and professional intrusion, “since for more than a decade killed almost 500 animals of the protector, exercised veterinary duties without being titled and falsified documentation related to the activity ”, indicates the Civil Guard.

The investigation began when the possible exercise of illegal practices in two establishments of an animal protector in El Baix Ebre (Tarragona) became known.

During the past month of September the agents after inspecting the facilities of the protector to check the condition of the animals detected certain irregularities, such as administration of vaccines, expeditions of prescriptions and veterinary treatments carried out by untitled persons.

Apparently, as Seprona has been able to verify, from the start of the activity of the protector, several foundations and associations were linked to it through collaboration agreements to carry out adoptions and finance the maintenance of the animals in the shelters, up to paying for adoption between 300 and 350 euros.

In addition, in order to obtain a greater benefit, “those responsible for the protector dispensed with veterinary services for diagnosing diseases, testing and administering vaccines. “

The Seprona indicates that “another of the activities they carried out was slaughter animals in the center according to exclusively economic criteria, since they received a contribution from public administrations for the collection of the animal from public roads. When the animal was sick or its adoption was difficult they sacrificed it. It was verified that it had a high mortality rate reaching its peak between 2013/2015 with an average of 95 deaths annually ”.

In the search carried out both in the facilities of this false animal protector and in the private home of the now detained, the agents of the Nature Service of the Civil Guard found surgical supplies, microchips, blank medical cards, different medications and vaccines, including an operating table for operations.

In the investigation, carried out by agents of the Civil Guard Nature Protection Detachment (DEPRONA) of the Delta de l’Ebre natural park, it was discovered that a licensed veterinarian provided the microchips and blank health cards, without subsequently verifying the use that was made, in addition to “by falsifying prescriptions from qualified veterinarians, he acquired medicines from different distribution companies in the provinces of Barcelona and Zamora”.


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