May 16, 2021

The outlawed Boeing, isolated in the US

The outlawed Boeing, isolated in the US

The banned model of Boeing 737 Max just fly over the United States. Early in the morning, local time, just 48 of these devices were flying the skies of the planet. The images leave no room for doubt: all the flights were concentrated in the country of origin of the company, according to the Flightradar real-time air traffic website. US air authorities still allow this model to operate despite its northern neighbor, Canada, has also left the ground behind the devices following the wake of Europe and most of the world.

Ammunition for the war between Airbus and Boeing

The Canadian transport minister, Marc Garneau, explained in an appearance that Otawa last leave this model on the ground until the causes of accidents recorded by two of Boeing's devices are clarified. Air Canada and rival WestJet, also Canadian, operate a total of 737 Max.

The closure of the global airspace for this model of Boeing, with the exception of the US and countries with little air traffic, continues to take its toll on the US aeronautical firm, whose shares continue to fall on Wall Street, although with less virulence. The company has lost 24 billion dollars in just two trading sessions.


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