April 22, 2021

The outgoing president of the CSN asks Pastor to stop the renewal of the agency | Economy

The outgoing president of the CSN asks Pastor to stop the renewal of the agency | Economy

Fernando Martí, president of the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN), has sent a letter to the president of the Congress of Deputies, Ana Pastor, in which he asks him to refrain the renewal of the body, from which he must leave for compliance with the mandate. Martí asks Pastor for a meeting next Friday and raises, in particular, the rejection of Francisco Castejón as a member of the organization. Castejón was appointed by the Council of Ministers at the proposal of Podemos, along with three other PSOE candidates (Elvira Romera, María Pilar Lucio and Josep María Serena i Sender), to renew the aforementioned CSN. The new ones must be ratified by the Congress of Deputies within a month.

Fernando Martí, who has requested a meeting with Ana Pastor on March 1 to convey his arguments, considers that the president of the Congress must take into account his information "for the adoption of further decisions regarding the processing of the aforementioned proposals. designation of candidates to be part of the CSN ". The renovation was born with controversy. The Government proposed nominating two PSOE candidates, one from the PP and another from Podemos, who would join the one remaining, also from the PP. However, the PP refused to propose a candidate until it was withdrawn to Podemos and an independent was appointed. Given this, the Government left the Podemos and allowed the PSOE to propose three.

Precisely the letter is especially against Francisco Castejón. Martí considers that he is invalidated to be part of the CSN due to a conflict of interest due to his relationship with the Ecologists in Action Association. According to Martí, Castejón has spoken, as a spokesman for the anti-nuclear campaign, "repeatedly and publicly against nuclear energy and demanded the closure of nuclear power plants."

Likewise, he maintains that he has assisted as a legal representative of Ecologists in Action to the meetings of the Advisory Committee for Information and Public Participation on Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection that issues recommendations advising the CSN. From his declarations "his critical positions, of denunciation and, in many cases, of disqualification of the actions of the CSN and of the technical studies that the experts of the organism have elaborated, are demonstrated".

According to Martí, the association "has filed lawsuits and complaints, filing appeals in various jurisdictional areas against the CSN." "It is significant," he continues, "the presentation of a contentious-administrative appeal in relation to the preliminary rehabilitation plan for the Palomares area. [donde cayeron cuatro bombas nucleares de un avión estaodunidense en 1966] , as well as an appeal against the ministerial order of September 17, 2015 by which Berkeley Minera España is granted authorization as a first-class radioactive facility with respect to its uranium concentrates plant in Retortillo (Salamanca). "

"I would like to emphasize that, in my opinion, it is forbidden that the personal interests of a high-ranking official may unduly influence the exercise of his functions and responsibilities, and one of the cases that the law cites as a case in which the prohibition is committed. is the existence of people with whom you have a pending litigious issue, a fact that is found in this case, "adds Marti, who ventures that, if it continues," could lead to undesirable scenarios with deterioration of compliance, credibility and image of the institution ", as well as" generate damages "in nuclear and radiological safety in Spain.


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