The other managerial and executive crises of Laporta

It is not the first managerial/executive crisis of the second mandate of Joan Laporta as president of Barca. After being elected in March 2021, just a week after overwhelmingly winning the elections against Víctor Font and Toni Freixa, the leader saw how Jaume Giró, who was destined to be the economic vice president of the club, alleged his resignation for professional reasons .

Now it has been Ferran Reverter, the CEO of Barça, who has surprisingly submitted his resignation. Already in his first term, Laporta faced two colossal crises on their boards of directors.

Rosell and four more

The first major split in the board came in the second year of coexistence. Laporta won the 2003 elections. And in the summer of 2015 he experienced the resignation of up to five directors led by Sandro Rosell in what would become the embryo of the project that came to power at Barça five years later.

Rosell and Bartomeu after resigning from the board in the summer of 2005. EFE

Rosell was accompanied on his way out of the club by Joseph Maria Bartomeu, Javier Faus, Jordi Moix and Jordi Monés. Were five of the 17 members that the board had in Laporta's first steps in the presidency.

"It's a very sad day for me, but I have a clear conscience. I accept the resignations and I respect them. I have done my best to avoid this situation, perhaps I could have done more, but the facts are obvious. I have not achieved it", argued the then leader after that massive departure of a third of his board. The hard core (from there came the next two presidents, Rosell and Bartomeu) who agreed, again, to the box in 2010.

Laporta and Soriano, in 2003 as soon as he became president of Barça. jordi cotrina

Soriano and seven more

After overcoming the motion of censure in 2008, coinciding with the team's crisis that caused Rijkaard's dismissal and the rise of Pep Guardiola to the Camp Nou bench, Laporta saw how eight directors presented their resignation in plenary session, including three vice-presidents. Unlike what happened in 2005, none of them have continued to be linked to the 'Barca universe'.

Ferran Soriano, Marc Ingla and Albert Vicens were the vice presidents who left Laporta after the motion, together with the directors Josep Lluís Vilaseca, Evarist Murtra, Xavier Cambra, Claudia Vives and Toni Rovira. They demanded Laporta's resignation and that Vicens end up leading the club in the final two years of his term. Until 2010. Then the president was left with only nine in his boardroom, forced to urgently remodel it to reach the figure of 14 established by the statutes.

"The reasons that have led us to make this decision are disagree with the way to act from the vote after the results in the referendum," Vicens read in a statement shared by the eight directors. "I have not resigned because I think it is not what gave the club more stability. The motion? It was a punishment vote, but nothing more. They are not elections," argued Laporta, 24 hours after the departure of those directors, recalling that "the best thing for Guardiola is that we continue in office."

A couple of months later, the general director Anna Xicoy, who was a trusted person of Soriano, was relieved of her position. Laporta appointed Joan Oliver as Barça's chief executive officer.

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