May 11, 2021

The Oscars are not forgetting Minneapolis or police violence


The Oscars Gala 2021

Regina King was the first face to appear at the ceremony of the Oscars Awards 2021 and it only took a few minutes to remember the police violence suffered by the United States., something they took up Travon Free, winner of the Oscar for best live action short film, and Tyler Perry, winner of the humanitarian Oscar. [Consulta la lista completa de ganadores de los Oscars 2021.]

During his inaugural speech of the oscars gala, King did not hesitate to refer to the ruling reached in the trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin, convicted of all the charges for the asphyxiating death of African American George Floyd, a case that has had the US in suspense. USA

The death of Floyd at the hands of Chauvin, who for more than nine minutes imprisoned the victim’s neck with his knee, went around the world in May last year and sparked a huge wave of protests in the country.

“It’s been a tremendous year, and we’re right in the middle. And I have to be honest: if things turned out differently in Minneapolis last week maybe I would have traded in my heels for protest bootsKing stated.


The Oscars Gala 2021

He also mentioned those who consider that Hollywood members should not get involved in these matters.

“I know there are many of you at home who want to change the channel when you feel like Hollywood is giving you a lecture. But as the mother of a black child, I know the fear in which many live. And there’s no fame or money to change that, okay?“he added.

For his part, Travon Free, winner of the statuette for “Two Complete Strangers”, had the crudest words of the ceremony: “Today, the Police will kill three people. And tomorrow, three more. And the next day, another three. Police in the US kill an average of three people every day. That is about 1,000 people a year. And those people are mostly black. ”

Paraphrasing the novelist James Baldwin, he added: “The most terrible thing about a person is to be indifferent towards the pain of another person. I ask you, please, not to be.”

In addition, Perry, who received the Jean Hershol Humanitarian Award, recalled his humble origins, mentioned his time as homeless and highlighted the great lesson he learned from his mother, a southern woman who grew up under harsh conditions in Mississippi.

“ANDLla taught me to reject hatred and blanket judgments“, he indicated extrapolating that teaching to what is appreciated today in social networks.

“In these times of the Internet, social networks and algorithms that want us to think in a certain way … The 24-hour news cycles … It is my hope that we teach our children to reject hatred. Do not hate anyone “Perry said excitedly.

I refuse to hate someone for being Mexican, black, white or gay. I refuse to hate someone for being a police officer or an Asian (…) I want to dedicate this award to those who are not on the extremes. That’s where the healing, the conversation and the change happen, “he said.

Finally, the singer HER, winner of the Oscar for best song for “Fight for You”, from “Judas and the black messiah,” he said: “Knowledge is power. Music is power. I will always fight for us, for my people and for all that is fair. I think that is what music does. and being able to tell stories. ”


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