The Oscar voting system favors consensus films | Culture

The ABC network has recovered somewhat the television audience, with 29.6 million viewers, improving the result of the last edition by 11.5%. Specifically, in the age bracket between 18 to 49 years, the most important for advertisers, the percentage of television viewers increased by 13% with respect to 2018. The figures are not for throwing the bells on the fly: the 26.4 million of the night he won The shape of the water It was the worst audience in the history of the Oscars on the small screen. The ceremony on Sunday was the most watched entertainment broadcast since the Oscars in 2017, according to Nielsen, the company in charge of the auditions. To look for another little-seen ceremony, you have to travel to 2008, where you won No country for old men, of the Coen brothers, and Javier Bardem took his statuette to secondary actor with Jon Stewart as host, when he had 32 million spectators.

The ceremony lasted three hours and 19 minutes, 41 minutes less than last year, and approached the goal of the Academy to stay in just three hours.


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